What if every time you entered a room people would say, “Wow, I want what she’s having!” Do you think that might generate new clientele for your business? You bet it would! It’s called attraction and it is the most powerful tool in your business-growing toolkit. Heck, it’s one of the most powerful tools in your life!

I want to be sure to clarify here…they aren’t thinking, “Boy I want what she’s selling,” they’re thinking, “I want what she’s having!” You see, we are attracted to those people who exude a life, an attitude, and a spirit that reflects what we want for ourselves. We want to be with and work with people who inspire, challenge or support us in our personal journey. I buy things I “need” wherever it is most convenient for me and where I can trust in the quality of both customer service and products/services. However, I buy what I “want” from people and businesses who I can get excited about. I love telling my friends, family and clients about these people and businesses because I love what they add to my life. I love the unique services/ products and/or inspiration they provide me. Me, Me, Me!!! Catch a theme there? Yep, clients seek us out because of what we have to offer that can make “their life” better.

So how do we get people saying, “I’ll have what she’s having?” It’s fairly simple and I have broken it down into three powerful action steps that really work: First, Practice Extreme Self-care; Second, Master “Authentic Listening”; and Third, Take a Powerful Risk Everyday.

1. Practice Extreme Self-care

That’s right, practice not just basic self-care, but "extreme" self-care! In order to get people saying "I'll have what she's having," you have to be living a zesty, yummy life. People don't want what you're having if they see that you aren't having any fun, you're constantly stressed out and you neglect yourself. They already have that. They want your experience of joy, abundance and sometimes even indulgent living. Now that sounds yummy!

How can you indulge yourself today? Perhaps a massage, a candle-lit bath, or an hour of reading that special book you've been meaning to get to.

Look for opportunities each day to bask in at least one activity of extreme self-care and don't be afraid to tell people how you are taking care of your mind, body and spirit in these ways. Not only does it get people saying that they want what you're having (wonderful for business), but it also gives them permission to do the same (your gift to them--bonus).

2. Master “Authentic Listening”

Think of yourself as a “Humanity Investigator.” It may seem counter intuitive to be inquisitive rather than telling people about you, but this really is a powerful mechanism for attracting people to your business and your life for that matter. What is the one thing people want more than anything? They want to be heard. Really heard. Being truly heard helps to authenticate one’s humanity.

By taking every chance offered to listen authentically and ask genuine and intentioned questions, you not only learn about your clients (they're needs, wants, etc.), but you also gain their trust as a confidant. People trust those who truly engage with "them". If people know you're only waiting for an opportune time to market your services, they won't be attracted to you. In fact, they'll be looking for the nearest exit.

Listening with authenticity is not something you will want to take lightly. It is a genuine and real willingness to vicariously participate in and inquire into the life and experience of another human being. This cannot be faked. People know if you are not listening authentically. If you aren’t they will feel even less valued and heard than if you'd never asked them a question at all. Recall the last time you talked with someone that you knew had little or no interest in what you were saying but asked you perfunctory questions just to be "nice." Would you ever seek that person out for future communications or business? Not a chance.

So listen “authentically” and learn all you can about the amazing people that surround you in your journey on this planet. Your childlike curiosity and security in who you are (not needing to sell them on you) will have them saying yet again, "I'll have what she's having."

3. Take a Powerful Risk Everyday

This third step seems simple, but it really does take an active effort on your part. Powerful risks are risks with an anticipated outcome. They are not just risks taken for the sake of scaring the “begeebers” out of you.

What is one thing you’ve been putting off doing because it causes you fear or makes you uncomfortable? Do you believe doing that thing will likely impact your life or business for the better? Take a moment to write that action down. Then write the result or outcome(s) you think could manifest as a result of taking that action. If seeing that result/outcome on paper generates a sense of lightness or motivation, use that energy to plan out how and when you will take the risk. It’s your life in the making, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to make it spectacular!

Powerful Risk taking is the key to creating a life that is “over the top” wonderful!

"If no one ever took risks, Michelangelo would have painted on the Sistine floor." Neil Simon

Again, as you take powerful risks, share them with others. And don't stop there; share the results with them too! It is amazing how verbally acknowledging our risks and celebrating the powerful outcomes with others magically motivates us to continue taking even more life-altering actions.

What do you think people will say when they hear your enthusiasm, your courage, and the rich results of your actions? You guessed it--"I'll have what she's having!"

Are you ready to “kick it up a notch” and get people wanting what you’re having? Are you ready to attract more business, more abundance, more love, and more fun into your existence? It's a simple but challenging formula that you can begin implementing today!

Remember: Practice Extreme Self-Care; Master “Authentic Listening”; and Take a Powerful Risk Everyday. Begin attracting all you want for yourself. Be the one that enters the room to a rousing chorus of, “Wow, I’ll have what she’s having”!

Here’s to your success.

© 2007 Angel C. Hale

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