Isn't She a Queen? Doesn't she have courtiers?Ravens are obviously in certain secret tie with her.

Banished from the world,nailed on deserted land,she becomes an easier catch.Her road surely won't be straight,often she was to be leaden by paths of Evil.

There is Nobody enough for her.What is it she longs for?For entirety,for big ,general entirety.Fiancee of Devil couldn't be a child,she should be at least 30 years,a looks of Medea,wretch Beauty,deep ,tragical and hot look.And on hair,maybe,a wreath of willow ivy from graves,violet of Death.

But,what is going on with one that created Devil and everything remaining,and Good and Evil,that stimulated so many Loves,so many Loyalties,so many crimes?She stay alone in deserted land.

Many have found she was Pretty,many would sole their place in the Paradise just to come closer to her.....However,there is an abyss around her,people admire her too much,they are too much afraid of that powerful Medea,of her nice deep eyes.

She stay alone Forever.Forever without Love!What has been left to her?Only spirit that has recently run.!

Well,let's go my good Devil....I am in hurry to get there..The Hell is a better place..Good By World!

*Real,authentic Witch is a lonely Being,Devil's nuns,she never know for Love and Family.Even in Decadence era Witches do not like men.Personal inclinations of Withes are inclinations to Nuns or captives.Which never becomes pregnant,except against to her own will,followed by insult and suffering.

Inflation is a horrible sign of some one's obsession:source of suffering and haughtiness.She stuck out stomach and thrown back her head.Fattened and beautiful goes a street with raised head,pitiless and scornful.People are afraid of her,hate her, but admire her at the same time.Her Beauty is terrible and strange,haughty and expressed by suffering.Demon protrudes from her eyes ,she belongs to him,but not completely yet.She is on her own and she want to be such.Still,doesn't belong neither Demon nor God.Demon can get in her,moving inside her as sharp air.But he don't benefit from that yet,still having not taken her Will.She was obsessed,Devil is in her,but doesn't belong to him yet.

Despite,wherever she appears ,becomes only object of Love.

*Witch neither has father,nor Mather,nor husband and family.She is Aerolite,monster there is not knowledge where she comes from .Oh my God,who would dare to walk up to her?*

Witch posses two gifts:Enlightenment of Lucidity Madness which is Poetry,Clairvoyance,especially Discernment..........

Second:Elevated Power of Auto conception


Who have recognized oneself reading these lines?I started writing with a hope to meet more women that come here ,read story and find out of being Witches themselves.My advise;don't be afraid,being Witch, as you could see, has its advantages not only faults.Let's go from a beginning...

A beginning is when you was born,:although ,there is a reference:maybe beginning comes from very ancient age ,earlier then literature's characters immortalized in masterpieces,maybe magic particles flew from remote Space forming Witch as the oldest Being in our Galaxy.After all,witches fly by Broom.They have been given Supernatural powers:sometimes personified in Evil ,like offering an aplle to Goosefoot .We meet an old and ugly witch.Children learn about Good and Evil.I think a point here is that witch only borrowed to make easier difference between good and evil.

Now about one Beautiful Witch ,one we find in for example *Master and Margarita*by Mikhail Bulgakov.Margarita flies,puts a secret cream on her face ,she is fascinating,beautiful and inspiration for her Lover.Avaj,so Powerful,i am afraid she destroyed their Love !You know ,who play with Devil must pay a Cost!Did she choose being Young forever per cost to lose Great Love?What would be your Choice?Would you leave your Darling for holding Youthful looks without wrenkles or stay by Lover?Is it possible to get both of that?I can not give an answer myself ,because i am still young having won old age but without a Lover.It seems a cost must be paid.We'll see!

Was witch old or young and beautiful ,she possesses a key atribute:POWER!Supernatural power and Strong Will!She can do impossible things:most important is Eternal Youth!/in consederation of a fact that all Witches live with a Secret:they hiding their eternal Youth:old witch in Goosefoot was disguised,and in other cases as well.

Witches have been always connected with Devil.I got an impression that Devil play main role,he is stronger ,witch depends on him,she receives orders from him and unfortunately Witch can not being HAPPY and realise her FULL LIFE because of DEVIL!This reminds me on Destiny of Jesus Christ ,who could not give to Mankaind everything he wanted,whole Happiness and Eternal Life!What Combination?


And over all of that stay COSMOS!Great Beginning-positive and negative particles create Good and Evil!Universe cut out our DESTINY!There happens Somebody has been granted with Magic particles and praised over the crowd.

Everything a Witch can do :to take own Destiny with Courage ,to lead it and IMPROVE yourself being all time aware of presence of Great Three above!Every women and men carry each other inside,what is a reason they have two Witches,two Devil and two Christ!


To return to the beginning:if you notice that you are inflated,with stomach that stuck out,walk with raised head and don't find Love in your surrounding than mostly HATE and ENVY ,you are surely INFECTED-You are a WITCH!


ps:i found the book*Witch* french tittle *Sorciere*by Jules Michelet in my local Library,having looked for undiscovered ones as usual.

Author's Bio: 

My writen works is my way to say all of you my profound thinking and that is my expert gift i can give now.I'm doing that with a great Love and sincerely with hope you recognize yourself and feel much better.