Life originates in YOUR mind! You have your own unique perception of the life you are living that is totally different from anyone else¡¦s, because you are totally unique. Your dreams, your habits ¡V good and bad; your desires and accomplishments; all originate within your own mind. Even the pain you might feel is your brain¡¦s interpretation of a physical sensation. You have basically two parts to your mind¡Kyour conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind can only retain 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information at one time, so it bores very easily and wanders quite readily! Your subconscious mind, however, is virtually limitless in the amount of information it holds. Just the facts! It is similar to the CPU of a computer and holds every bit of information about you from day one. As you read this, you are not consciously thinking breathe in breathe out¡Krepeat if necessary! Your subconscious mind controls your autonomic system so you consciously don¡¦t even have to worry about your heart beating or your blood flowing etc. It¡¦s a good thing considering your conscious mind isn¡¦t up to handling such a huge demand! Your subconscious mind also holds your belief system. Those thoughts of right and wrong; good and evil etc., so if there is a negative belief (I¡¦m too fat; I can¡¦t quit smoking, or stop being afraid of snakes etc) that you wish to change; hypnosis is the way to go. Hypnosis uses your high degree of motivation to bypass the critical conscious mind (the one with your inhibitions) and replace the negative with beneficial and positive beliefs. Hypnosis helps you to rewrite the script of your life. You CAN achieve and accomplish anything you set your mind to! After all, we only use about 5 inches of a brain that is 5 miles long. Using hypnosis, whether in-office or via hypnotic and subliminal CDs (see expands that 5 inches and allows you access to your greatest ally¡KYOUR subconscious mind. YOU ARE IN CONTROL AT ALL TIMES and because of a built-in safety mechanism within each of our minds, YOU control the process completely. Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness. I describe myself as being like an usher in a theatre: I use hypnosis to guide you to your seat (reach your goal)¡Kbut I cannot make you sit (accomplish it)! That is totally up to you!
Here are some interesting facts about Hypnosis:

„X Hypnosis induces deep breathing ¡Vleading to greater calm and stress relief
„X Hypnosis reduces illness ¡Vbeing in a state of deep mental and physical relaxation often, reduces stress and thus illness
„X Hypnosis promotes good sleep and strengthens the immune system¡Ka few minutes of hypnosis is equal to a few hours of sleep
„X Hypnosis for surgery reduces the trauma and speeds healing by at least 1/3¡Kjust listen to my Pre-Operative Healing CD and follow it with my Post Operative CD to speed your healing.
„X Eliminates negative habits such as smoking, fears/phobias etc.
„X Creates a more positive outlook by boosting self-esteem and allowing the individual greater control of his life and realization of his truest potential
Hypnosis can change your life! The mind and the body¡¦s attitude to life change for the better, creating a feeling of calmness and makes the individual feel confident and in command of his life.

So the next time you hear yourself say that you can¡¦t do something¡Kremember: it is all in your mind, and you CAN achieve all that you desire through the power of Hypnosis!

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Jackie Hofmann is a Certified Hypnotist and EFT-ADV Practitioner in Owen Sound. Her original hypnosis and subliminal CDs are sold world-wide, and she has a proven success rate of 90% for her In-home Stop Smoking Program. She does workshops, private and corporate, in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as well as telephone consultations. Visit her at
Email: or call 1-800-539-9484.