5 Tips for Men on Making a Great First Impression!

Many guys really struggle with that old adage that "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression" and nerves can lead to disasters that can completely ruin a first date experience.

A woman will feel uncomfortable if she sees her date looking as though he'd rather be somewhere else and with that in mind, it is vital to be fully prepared so here are some killer tips:

1. Don't act as though you're desperate for a wife

Many guys make the mistake of appearing over eager on their first date and acting as though they are interviewing for a wife rather than just enjoying the moment. The first date should be about having fun so make jokes about how lucky she is to be here with you whilst at the same time pointing out her little habits and mannerisms in a teasing way, creating some playful banter between you.

2. Don't try to buy her affections

When you ask a woman out for dinner on a first date, there is no need to buy her a gift as well. Get to know her first so that when the time comes for that thoughtful moment, she will know that your gesture comes from the heart and isnt just an attempt to buy her affections.

3. Treat her like a close friend

The best way to help a woman to feel comfortable with you is to build up a level of friendship between you so that she feels as though she can be herself. This will lead to her letting down her guard with you quickly and more importantly will have her wanting to see you again.

4. Make the conversation interesting

Nobody wants to spend an evening listening to someone talk non-stop about themself so ask her questions and then really listen to what she has to say. Women appreciate a man who listens and are attracted to people who are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Spend more time initially letting her talk and add a little humour here and there to build on your rapport.

5. Make her feel good about herself

Obviously if you are dating her then there is something about her that you find attractive so tell her about it. Tell her she has lovely eyes or a cheeky smile but keep it light hearted rather than too intense. Compliments don't just have to be about her looks either. Tell her that you "love the passion that you can see in her eyes when she talks about something that she is excited about" or that you "love the way that she is not afraid to speak her mind". This will show her that your attraction is to her spirit and not just skin deep.

Simple isn't it! By following these five tips you will be well on your way to that elusive second date and what's more, you will have enjoyed yourself!

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Tammie is an Australian writer with interests in the spiritual realm and runs courses in Entity Clearing by meditation techniques, regression, meditation courses and retreats, past life therapy, psychic development, Third Eye work and Inner alchemy. She is also available for readings and healing work via soul-light-journeys.heim.at/ or www.kasamba.com/psychicprincess