Controlling the autonomic responses like heart rate is quite familiar to practitioners of Qigong.

The difference between Qigong meditation and other types is that we utilise different kinds of "body breathing" techniques through the flesh and bones, especially when we induce proper "Qi" flow or bioenergetic flow through the energy meridians. That is, we literally use the mind to lead the "Qi" or bioenergy through breath control.

Important Vessels

The Governing Vessel or "sea of yang meridians" is the channel of control. This vessel starts at the base of the spine and ends at the upper palate in the mouth; it governs all yang meridians and serves as our protection against deleterious elements, therefore sickness. Healthy Qi flow through this vessel is imperitive to our immune systems.

The Conception Vessel or "sea of yin meridians" is the channel of function. This vessels starts at the tip of the tongue and ends at the base of the spine; it governs all yin meridians and serves as our connection to the outside elements. Healthy Qi flow through this vessel is imperative to our rapport with the world around us, especially other forms of life with Conception Vessels bioresonant to our own.

Although it helps you to understand the necessity of proper "Qi" flow, the experience of actually doing this exercise is most important, so you obtain the proper feeling and sensation for how it works.

Energy Psychology

We take advantage of yet another tool: Tapping. Some people confuse simple tapping on the energy meridians as an emotional freedom technique (EFT). EFT is an energy psychology that utilises the energy meridians by tapping on key points while tuning into negative feelings through verbal expression. EFT is excellent when suffering hyperventilation from panic attacks or similar emotional trauma.

In fact, EFT takes advantage of ancient principles of "Kiatsu" and "Patting Goose Qigong." When we stimulate key points and intersections of the energy meridians in any fashion, we stimulate a normalizing effect in the energy flow of meridians and their adjoining counter parts.

Whenever we feel a curious itch on the hand, the face, or else where with no noticeable irritation, this usually means that the attached meridian to that curious itch wants to be stimulated. So we scratch that itch. It's an innate reaction. We stimulate our energy meridians all the time, mostly on a subconscious level.

Since we want to slow down your heart rate at the conscious level, we want to maximize the "Qi" flow by taking a certain posture. Follow these seven simple rules:

  1. Straighten your back
  2. Relax your shoulders
  3. Hold your head upright, yet loosely as if supported by a string from above
  4. Relax your gaze forward as if staring into infinity
  5. Relax your jaw by letting it drop slightly
  6. Lightly hold the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth
  7. Breath deeply towards your diaphragm upon acheiving each of the above steps

After training the above relaxation exercises, you should be able to achieve complete relaxation and focus within thirty seconds using one deep breath (i.e. one complete inhale and one complete exhale).

For most people, their hearts may still be racing depending on the situation.

In reality, if you have been training the Qigong exercises, you have far less chance of a heart attack or panic attack. Let's say you're heart is racing anyway. You want to direct that excess energy that's going to through your heart meridian to your governing and conception vessels.

The Training

From the above posture, we train the circulation of "Qi" through governing and conception vessels. We use the mind to lead the bioenergy up the Governing Vessel (back) and down the Conception Vessel (front) while the relaxed tip of the tongue gently touches the roof of the mouth.

In fact, in this case, imagine the Gulf of Mexico has excess heat; we want to redistribute that heat to Atlantic then Pacific Oceans, which, in turn, evenly redistribute the heat to the other oceans, gulfs, rivers, and streams which finally return to the oceans again.

Think of the tip of your tongue meeting your upper palate as the "gateway" for the oceans to circulate with each other.

Imagine the energy as bright yellow going up your governing vessel and bright white going down your conception vessel. There are more sensations attached to these vessels, but I don't want to overload you right now. At the moment, imagine your energies flowing smoothly through your two main vessels. Inhale deeply to lead your "Qi" through your governing vessel. Exhale deeply to lead your "Qi" through your conception vessel; this is grand circulation.

You should practice this breathing meditation throughout the day whenever you get a break.

The Method

If you have been successful, then you can lead the excess "Qi" from your heart meridian to your governing and conception vessels in a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds.


If you observe nervous people, they tap subconsciously to help them sublimate that excess energy flow; they tap their hands, tap their feet, tap pencils on the desk, bob their heads, yank or brush on parts of their bodies, among other idiosyncrasies.

The particular body part that you'll be tapping is your upper lip. This point is called "yinjiao" or yin junction where your stomach channel and governing vessel connects. In fact, we subconsciously know the junction points all over our bodies because these are places where we usually itch, rub, and tap for no "particular reason."

When your heart is racing, you need to tap in sync with the beat of your heart. You know how your heart goes "lub-dub, lub-dub?" You tap twice in succession for every "lub-dub." This is especially easy when you feel your heart pounding in your chest or into your throat between your ears, so you can hear it.

In relaxed posture, follow your heart beat with the tapping on "yinjiao" to lead the "Qi" flow through your governing and conception vessels. You are redistributing the flow of bioenergy. Redistributing this excess bioenergetic flow more quickly returns you mentally and physically to equilibrium.

By synchronising your tapping with your heart beat, your major vessels become entrained to the excess energy in your heart meridian to absorb and redistribute the excess energy; it's like an exchange from potential to kinetic energy on a musical instrument: Pluck one string while tuning the other to the same note until they resonate. The same concept applies to the energy vessels in the body, but with many ways to resonate.

The Test

For this test, I'm only asking you to do whatever strenuous exercise that you usually do to get your heart racing. Even if it's just sweeping the floor, please do it now, so we can perform this test.

Once you get your heart thumping, get in your relaxed posture, completely relaxed with one breath, the tip of your tongue gently touches the roof of your mouth, your jaw completely relaxed, then tap in sync with your heart beat on your upper lip, "yinjiao." Remember to tap twice in succession with each beat because your heart says, "lub-dub."

It's natural that your breathing is quite rapid as your heart rate is accelerated. Remember your deep breathing with your stomach muscles. Imagine the flow of "Qi" as you are breathing. Remember to inhale through your governing vessel, exhale through your conception vessel. Governing vessel is bright yellow. Conception vessel is bright white. You feel your heart beat coursing along your energy vessels. As you lead your heart beat with your mind along the vessels, you feel in complete control of your heart beat.

When your heartbeat syncs with your tapping, tap slightly slower, then slower, as your heart beat follows your tapping. You feel a "warmth" coursing through your entire body as you gain further control of your heart beat - until you finally get it at the rate you want it.

If you have followed all of the above instructions to the letter, this method should work.

Author's Bio: 

Randolph is a certified Oriental Sports Trainer with a bachelors in functional therapy.

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This report is meant as an adjunct to your health and is not to replace professional medical advice.