Millions of Americans are overweight-are you one of them? Are you someone who is ready to lighten up? Do you feel you would be healthier and feel better if you took off some weight? There are many benefits to being the best size for your body—it’s easier on the joints, blood pressure many times goes down, cholesterol may drop, you will have more energy, your self-esteem climbs.

First, let’s look at how you talk to and about yourself and your weight. I challenge you to adopt the vocabulary of “releasing” or “taking off” weight. The word lose literally means “to be unable to find something, often only temporarily; to fail to win; to be unable to control something”. Do you really want to find the weight later? Monitor how you talk about your new lifestyle. Maybe you want to see “less of you” physically. You may want to release 5 pounds at a time.

Secondly, how do you talk to and about your body right now? Do you call yourself “fat” or other unkind words? This just reinforces what you do not want to be. It is important to be kind to ourselves. Studies show fat people think about being fat most of the time. This means they are focused on the “problem” and not the “solution”. I challenge you to “see yourself”, that is, visualize the way you desire to be. Healthy, strong and trim, or looking good in shorts and a sexy top. Accept yourself just the way you are right now. Not the way you used to be and not the way somebody else looks. Acceptance is the only path that leads to change. Genetics is only 35% of our body style. The rest we get to choose!

Practice mindfulness when you eat. I watch most people get a large portion of food, look down at their plate and shovel it in in 5 minutes. The fork does not go down, they do not pause. Or, they are on the cell phone and not paying attention to their food. Our brain needs to register and signal our stomach that we have eaten, we are full, and it is time to stop eating. Eat slowly and chew your food for good digestion. Our bodies don’t have the enzymes that we used to have for digestion, so it is important to chew your food thoroughly.

Do not cook or eat when you are angry or upset. Food, like most anything, absorbs the energy of the cook. If we are mad, this energy goes into the food.

Also, be sure you are eating enough food. Our body goes into fat storage mode when it thinks it may not get enough to eat. Our metabolism goes into “slow down” mode to conserve our energy and protect us. Our bodies are very good at self-monitoring.

You don’t have to clean your plate. You will not get bad karma for leaving a little food or throwing food away! Re-think what you were told as a child and see if it still serves you now.

Don’t eat at buffets if you tend to overeat. This may seem obvious, but if you don’t have self-discipline right now and you fill up with food, avoid all-you-can-eat buffets.

Fast food-just say no! There are so many additives and chemical in fast foods, just say no! If you don’t do anything else for your body, get off the fast food!

No-fat and low-fat foods are to be avoided. Again-just say no! These foods have been compromised in some way to manipulate the fat content. Most have artificial sweeteners, or tons of sugar, and/or extra chemicals added. No pink, yellow or blue packets of sweeteners. No diet sodas. The body cannot absorb these toxic chemicals. The body does not know how to classify these artificial substances. The toxins lodge in the brain and in the fat cells.

Detox/cleanse your body. Consult with your medical team to see if you could benefit from a detoxification program. The most effective seem to be 30-day programs that are simple and gentle on the systems of the body and that don’t require a special way of eating or drastic lifestyle change. The most important organs to cleanse include the colon and the liver.

Drink a glass of pure, filtered water when you first get up in the morning. This helps hydrate and cleanse the body as it wakes up.

Always eat breakfast. Eat your breakfast within 30 minutes after getting out of bed. This jump-starts your metabolism. Most bodies benefit from some protein at breakfast as well.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Not tap water which contains chlorine, may contain fluoride, and any number of contaminants. These chemicals cause huge imbalances in the systems of the body.

Release and move forward in your life. Get rid of things that no longer serve you. Not moving forward and not making decisions can be reasons your body holds onto weight. Your mind-set really matters here. Affirm the following “I release everything and everybody that are not for my Highest Good!”

Be aware that when you make positive changes and grow as a being that some people will not be happy for you. You many not want to discuss your new lifestyle and way of thinking with them. Perhaps you can speak by phone once a week with a coach or a friend who truly supports you.

Finally, choose to be happy! Really choose to be happy. Happiness leads to a manifestation of health spirit, mind, and body.

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Author's Bio: 

Miluna Fausch, HHCP, is a Medical intuitive/intuitive reader, ARCH® energy healing therapist, and Wellness & surgery coach and works with clients to help them experience more health, wholeness and joy in their lives.

Her Story: Doctors found a tumor in my head and I went through 2 surgeries in 2002 and 2003. The complementary medicine techniques I used helped me heal and heal quickly. I am healthier now than I ever was. If I had not gone through this life-changing experience, I could not help you. What I received from this healing lesson was the gift to intuitively read and help others heal.