Preparing yourself to receive a girls basketball scholarship is not hard, yet it requires a little work. It’s always easier to be prepared for the opportunity than having to rush when the opportunity occurs. When a college coach calls, the first thing they want to know is your academic status. Present yourself as an organized person who handles their business by having that information already together to provide to them. Below is how you can accomplish this.

1. Find out what core courses are required for your graduating class. You can visit, for a break down of core cores.

2. Register and take ACT test. Ask your guidance counselor for an ACT packet or visit

3. Meet with your guidance counselor. Evaluate what core courses you have taken and need to take.You also need to determine your current grade point average of core courses.

4. Evaluate what score you need to make on ACT in comparison to your core courses grade point average. This information is also available at

5. Register for NCAA Clearinghouse. You have to be registered in order to be eligible to play college basketball. Visit

When to start working on these steps? Well, I will tell you when not to start---Your Senior Year. At that time, it may be too late.

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Patosha Jeffery is a girls basketball trainer and coach. Visit for articles, videos, motivational tips and training methods that deliver dangerous results, Guaranteed!!!