New moons, in and of themselves, set up incredible energies for new beginnings for a two week period of time and this happens for us each and every month. What if we were to use them to their fullest potential and empower our circumstances to manifest easily and gracefully? I have always used the new moons to set intentions but since I have started following the guidance of “New Moon Astrology” by Jan Spiller my desires and intentions are manifesting very quickly. With New Moon Astrology wishes can come true.

There are a few important guidelines to be aware of and to follow if this is going to prove successful for you. They are:

1. Timing: By looking up the new moon information for each month, you will be given the dates and time of the New Moon as well as the sign that the New Moon will fall in. It is important to state your wishes and desires the day of the new moon, and if that is not possible then within forty eight hours. Although your wishes may not come to fruition exactly within the twenty-nine-and –a-half-day cycle, your wishes will have planted the seed for them to manifest in the months ahead.

2. Format: It is important for your wishes and dreams to be handwritten on paper, not typed on a typewriter or computer. The wording of your wishes is also very important. How you state your wishes should evoke a deep feeling within you, it must feel completely true. Each New Moon, or Power Day, you may make up to ten wishes. You can make less but to make more would likely scatter your energies, making them more difficult to manifest. Some Power Days will be more potent for you depending on your own unique astrological chart and so it is very important that you utilize all them so that you don’t miss out on the important ones. Finally date and keep your wish lists for future reference. You may store them in a place that feels right to you.

3. Affirmations vs. Wishing: Affirmations rely heavily on the power of the mind to create your intentions and desires and on the other hand, wishing accepts our circumstances and relies on the power of magic and spiritual help to create our reality. In wording your wishes you can use both ‘want’ and ‘intend’, both work equally as well and you may also combine affirmations with your wishes. The key to wishing, however, is surrender.

4. Intuition: The Angels are very close to the Earth during the New Moon time periods, and they are guiding you to wishes that will truly make you happy. Trust yourself in those wishes that truly make feel joyful on the exact day of the New Moon.

5. The Role of Destiny: It is important to trust your own individual process and to believe in a benevolent Universe. If a wish does not come true immediately, repeat it until does or watch to see what else that is unexpected comes to take its place.

6. Wishes Involving Others: While you cannot make wishes that will directly affect the behaviour of another person you can a make a wish for changes in your behaviour relative to that person that will then, in turn, open the way for changes in them. Be willing to shift your approach to other people whom you want to influence.

7. Spring Equinox Treasure Maps: Treasure maps are an ideal way to bring your wishes to life, especially when they are created during the Spring Equinox Power day. This would coincide with the New Moon in Aries. You can use anything to create your maps, be as creative as you would like. There in no wrong way tod these, my only advice is THINK BIG!

8. Grandaddy Power Periods: With these periods you are allowed up to forty wishes; and this time period can last up to 5 weeks each year for each person. For more information as to what your Granddaddy Power Period is please go to . These times are extremely potent and experimenting with your wishes would be advised; if you receive a wish at any time within that time frame write it down. Also wish to release any intense anxiety that may come up during the period following this time.

Using New Moon astrology has been very rewarding and very fun for me. I did a treasure map with my daughter and we are looking forward to seeing the manifestation of our wishes in the months ahead. I, too, wish you a beautiful & magical journey to the manifestation of your dreams and wishes.

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Dawn McIntyre is certified Intuitive and Medium. Her passion is to create a world of magic and beauty and to light the way to successful manifestations.

Her new website Boldly Beautiful ...where inner beauty and bold expression dare to meet is a subscrition based community dedicated to honouring the beauty in all women, from the inside out. Due to go live on May 5th, visit

Dawn resides in Calgary, Alberta with her daughter, Kennedy.

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