Lots of people have tried to apply the Law of Attraction in their lives with little to show for it. They become disenchanted and think that it’s all a lot of nonsense. Too bad, because they are missing out on one of the most potent forces in the Universe! However, one cannot just visualize what it is that he or she wants to manifest. Consciously Creating is not a one-step process.

In order to be the energy magnet that draws your desires toward you, you must be vibrating in the high frequency range. Every human is also an energetic force field; each thought and emotion that issues forth is also an energy emission. It’s the energy that we emit that activates the Law of Attraction or repels what we want to have in our lives. Positive thoughts or emotions register at the high range of the frequency yardstick—love, compassion, trust in the Universe—while negative thoughts and emotions—such as fear, anger, guilt, blame, low self esteem-- create low frequencies.

The Universe itself operates on the highest frequency. So in order to manifest effectively, you want to be vibrating at the same frequency as the Universe, riding along with it, going the same direction, like you would be in a sailboat propelled by the wind. Thus you take advantage of its draught or momentum. You will manifest your desires much faster, find your life easier and struggle-free and experience synchronicities that bring people and resources to you before you even know you need them!

If you are vibrating in the negative range, it is like driving your car with the breaks on. Life is filled with resistance, detours and difficulties. Things seldom go as you plan. Relationships experience friction. Most importantly, you are not attracting what you desire in your life easily or effectively. You may eventually get what you visualize or desire, but it won’t be without a struggle. You are sailing upwind, not resonating with the Universe’s frequency.

So the most important message to be learned here is that before you can be an effective Conscious Creator and Master Manifestor, you must learn to manage your personal frequency…to ensure that you are vibrating in the high range. This requires policing your thoughts and emotions and changing them to positive when you find them drifting into fear, doubt, unhappiness and the other low-frequency triggers.

Once you have mastered this skill, then you are ready to try putting the Law of Attraction to work for you through creative visioning. Then your vision is carried along on a positive energy stream that dovetails with the Universe’s desire to return to you what you have requested.

Don’t be discouraged if you find it difficult to make the switch easily from negative to positive thinking. But it’s a habit you can develop. I am living proof that you can go from a glass-half-empty to a glass-half-full person. And the more you do it, the easier it becomes, as you reap the rewards. Your positive reinforcement comes in the form of seeing your visions and manifested desires come to fruition faster and faster! Once you experience the rush of having things begin showing up in your life, the more you want to incentivize yourself to stay on the positive path!

This is how you use high-frequency energy to truly magnetize yourself for the Law of Attraction.

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