Taking care of you body is very important. It is difficult to pursue your dreams when you don’t have your health. Your body is your precious capsule that keeps you on this physical plane.

I have learned first hand from a near death experience as to how important life is. When I started hemorrhaging to death while giving birth to my son, I went in and out of consciousness. I over heard the doctors saying, “Oh no she is hemorrhaging to death! We have to do a C-Section.” I did ask God to watch and pray over the woman that the doctors were speaking about. I lost so much blood that I became very incoherent. I did not realize that I was the woman that the doctors were speaking of was me.

Everything went into slow motions. I can remember when I started shaking. I began to feel so cold. I did not hear my baby cry. They rushed my baby to NICU. I felt a presence in the room with me. It felt like God was watching over me. And I also knew that my spiritual guide, Sarah was there.

I remember years ago as a young child I saw Sarah. No one else could see or hear her but me. Most people call them an imaginary friend. But to me Sarah is very real. When I was sixteen, I asked Sarah how she died. She told me that she died in 1827 during child birth. She told me that she was sent by God to assist me with following my spiritual life path.

My parents kept my daughter Autumn and son, Austin, while I was in the hospital. They also checked up on Justin and our progress. My husband stayed by my side during the difficult delivery. Having my parents and Travis support and being there for us also made a world of difference.

I stayed in the hospital for almost seven days after delivering my son Justin. While I was there I was in pain from my incision and I felt like I had pneumonia. I was constantly coughing and had cold in my chest. I felt like I had a difficult time with breathing. I felt extremely weak. The doctors told me that I needed to have a blood transfusion because I had a very low blood count. I tried to avoid having a blood transfusion so I refused it the first time. The doctors came back and told me that my blood count had dropped even more and that I could die if I don’t get a blood transfusion. Travis insisted that I got one. He told the doctors to go ahead and to give me the transfusion. I wanted to get better because I knew my children needed me. With prayer and faith, I began to heal.

I prayed over Justin while in the hospital. There was not a day that I did not pray for Justin’s recovery. Justin came home from the hospital one month after he was born. God’s power in healing is real. Seeing my son, Justin, and I surviving through our ordeal is proof that God’s healing power does work. I see now how having Sarah as my spiritual guide sent by God was detrimental to me because her spiritual support assisted me in healing my mind, body, and spirit.

Steps to Healing your body after overcoming a life threatening event:
Do not stress over your family. Try to stay calm through breathing exercises and meditation.
Focus on getting well. Relax and let God into your life.
Have faith in God’s miracles. Release and let God take over.
Try to get your mind off of the pain. Try to watch a show on TV that is funny or humorous. Try to laugh and enjoy life.
Remember that the doctors never have the last say so only God.

My cousin Melody had breast cancer and she had to endure radiation treatments. At first she did not know that she had breast cancer. But fortunately they were doing breast cancer screening on her job. The breast screening is what saved her life, because normally she would not have gone to the doctor. She would have waited and the cancer could have spread through out her body.

Melody was going through a bitter divorce and was now a single mom, when she found out that she had breast caner. This made it very difficult for her to focus on her health. She had a lot on her plate. But fortunately she had the support of family to help her with her children and she left an unhappy marriage which also lifted a burden off her shoulder. She knew that she wanted to be there for her children so she focused on healing.

The following are ways to prepare for healing:
Stop stressing over the source that is causing you pain.
Get rid of or go around the source that is causing you more stress
Make sure you have everything in order for your love ones
Focus on getting better
Believe in the power of prayer.

When my cousin followed these simple steps she improved. Now her cancer has gone under remission. And now she is healthy and living with her two daughters.

Sometimes the root of some health issue is stress. Eliminating your source of stress can improve your health. For example Joyce works a very stressful job where she works over 50 hours a week and has to constantly be on call from her office. Joyce knew that her job was not her purpose in life and she had aspirations of pursuing a floral business. She loved flowers and creating gardens. She loved the outdoors.

Every since she accepted her promotion, she has been feeling under the weather. Joyce’s blood pressure has gone up. She dreaded going to work. She did not know that she was had high blood pressure until she went to the doctor. Joyce knew that she needed to make some changes in her life.

The following are some of the things a women can do to stay healthy:

To know you purpose
To follow your passion
Listen to your body
Take care of your body
Eat the right foods
Daily Exercise
Take time for yourself
Do fun things that make you happy.
Make good sound decision on things that will impact your life

These are some of the things you can to remain healthy. Healing your body and staying healthy is the key to happiness and prosperity.

This is an excerpt from Kimberly Ware’s book Heal My Wings Oh Lord: A Healing Guide for Women.

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Kimberly Ware is also a sought after speaker and the author of the Purpose Lies Within books series and the book “Heal My Wings Oh Lord: A Spiritual Healing Guide for Women”. You contact Kimberly Ware at info@kimberlyware.com. Her website address is www.kimberlyware.com.