The first step to finding work you love, is to notice if you DON’T love your current work. Do you have that nagging feeling that you have more to offer than your current job allows? Are you aware of a pull to be doing something else, or do you just hate getting up in the morning to get to your job? These are some important signals that something more meaningful is waiting for you.

Get curious about that pull you’re feeling, and ask yourself some questions –

- What is it you want that you aren’t getting in the job you’re in now?
- Where, in your body, do you physically sense the pulling feeling?
- What’s it like for you to feel that sensation as often as you do?
- What are you doing in those moments you feel most dissatisfied at work?
- What skills or interests do you have that might not be being utilized?
- Are you in your job because you are fulfilled, or for money, or for both?
- If you didn’t need to worry about money, would you still be doing your current job?
- Do you like the people you work with? How about your boss?

Noticing what’s missing, and what you yearn for, will help you understand what you need to do to feel fulfilled at work. Pay close attention to those negative feelings which can be an enormous guide in transforming into a joyful work environment and career or job.

Once you get in touch with what ISN’T going right, you can start wondering what it will take for you to create this joyful work for yourself. Since you know how it feels to work in a place that makes you unhappy, start visualizing the job that makes you happy –

- Where is this job?
- Who do you work with? What’s your boss like?
- What are you doing, and is it the same thing every day?
- What does your desk or office look like?
- How do you FEEL in this space that is different than how you are feeling now?

Now that you have an understanding of how to fill in the gaps of what’s missing, and you know the ideals you outlined in your vision, you can put together your action plan to start calling out that ideal work for yourself. That might be sending out resumes, networking, searching online, etc. But, also remember to ask the universe to help bring your vision into reality.

Sometimes, the hardest and scariest parts are recognizing the opportunities that come your way, and then accepting them. What are you saying NO to that, when you step back for a moment, might actually be aligned with your skills and interests, and give you the opportunity to grow? What will you have to change to obtain that vision – will you need to move to another state or country? Will you have to work longer hours for a while? Will you have to give up wearing casual clothes to work? There’s always a fear-based excuse you can use, but if you truly want to make your vision real, try staring those fears in the face and plug into that amazing feeling where you are offering the world your essence, where you no longer have to act smaller than you truly are, and where the thought of work makes you happy.

We all bring our work home with us, whether physically or emotionally. When you love your work, you’re bound to bring joy and happiness home which will spill over into the rest of your life and create an ongoing cycle of fulfillment!

Author's Bio: 

Heather Markel is President of Spice Up Work Coaching, based in New York City. She specializes in helping people find joy in the workplace by tapping into their unique skills and passions. She has over 16 years of sales and marketing experience. Want to know more? Visit