After years of chasing numbers and sales goals, I realized something was very wrong. I felt empty and disillusioned with the entire world of business and sales. As an entrepreneur I had worked extremely hard for more than 10 years. All I had to show for all of my hard work and discipline was 2 business bankruptcies and a mountain of debt.

I though to myself, what if everything I learned about sales, and life, was wrong!

This sent me on a quest for answers. Why was all of my hard work and dedication not rewarded with the financial success I desired?

I Quickly Learned an Important Lesson

It's Not What You Do...It's How You Think and Feel That is the True Key to Your Success

As a person who is very methodical and organized, I could never understand why my efforts were not being rewarded. I planned and executed flawlessly, but was unable to achieve the results I desired. It was at this point that I realized something very important was missing.

I had to change the way I was thinking and feeling. As I began to understand and change my energy, things started moving forward. This was a very difficult concept for me to embrace. I came from the belief that your success was tied directly to your action. The thought that my actions were not that important was a mind blowing concept.

I Started as a Predator

When I entered the world of sales and business over 20 years ago, I was trained to be a predator. In the corporate world, I was taught to attack my target until the victory was mine. This, take no prisoners attitude, was directly tied to revenue goals. Each salesperson was judged based on their ability to make the number. The manner in which you achieved this goal was not important to those in management. As long as you could put the numbers on the board each month you were golden.

As I progressed in my career, I began to realize that these predators, no matter how successful they appeared, were constantly chasing business. They were also, in some cases, forcing their product or service on people to assure that their sales figures would be met. The focus was always on making the sale, at all costs.

This entire situation began to create a moral dilemma for me. Was it necessary to work as a predator and focus only on money to become successful? Could I build my business working from a different place in this competitive environment? I was determined to find a better way to sell and build my business…no matter how long it took.

I Decided to Become an Attractor

My goal was to become a magnet for new business. As I began to learn more about spiritual laws and energy, I realized that changes had to be made. These changes were based on the energy I was sending out into the marketplace.

When you are trained to be a predator there is a constant feeling of pressure. This causes anxiety and fear, because your focus is on making the sale at all costs. In my new "spiritual space", I was focusing on creating a comfortable match between myself and the prospect. If we were a good match then we would do business. If not, we would part as friends and move on. All of a sudden the pressure and fear dissolved.

I began to feel in a state of peace as I went from one appointment to the next. The energy in the room was completely different during my sales calls. The defensiveness on the part of my potential clients was gone. A new relaxed feeling replaced the usual tension I had previously experienced with so many sales calls.

Three amazing things happened:
1) My response rate improved dramatically
2) I started getting more and more calls from potential clients
3) I was attracting a much better quality of client

It was as if my new energy was reaching out to people faster and with more power. The people I began attracting were a perfect fit for my business. No more difficult clients or unnecessary problems. Opportunities started presenting themselves to me on a regular basis.

I was still working the same way, but my results were dramatically different. Could it be that all I had to do was adjust my feelings and my belief system? The answer for me, and many others, has been a resounding...YES!

You Too Can Make This Transition

Making this transition requires you to work from the inside out. To successfully make these changes you have to change your internal energy vibration. Each person is vibrating energy based on deep unconscious beliefs and feelings. These feelings are part of your Chakra energy system. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word (language of ancient India) that means spiral of wheel. You began absorbing energy the moment you were conceived. As you grew up you continued to absorb the energy of your parent’s and environment.

Eventually the energy you absorbed created your unconscious belief system and attraction level. We are attracting all things in our lives, at all times based on how we feel, not what we do. This was an incredible shift in thinking for me. As you release more of your negative energy and beliefs you begin to change your internal vibration. Your new vibration attracts better opportunities which, in turn, create more favorable results.

You must realize, and accept, you are attracting all things into your life. If there are aspects of your life you are unhappy about you must accept that you brought them in. Remember, you did not do this on a conscious level. Your unconscious mind is connected to your Chakra energy system which creates your vibration and attraction levels.

The key to your success is shifting your focus from your conscious choices to your actual results. Every day people make a conscious decision to lose weight. As we know most people fail miserably in this area. Why? They really want to lose weight and they take action accordingly. The problem is they do not feel and believe they can do it on an unconscious level.

When your conscious desires become congruent with your unconscious feelings and beliefs miracles happen. Focus on your results and begin the process of unconscious transformation. When you make this shift you will begin to attract the results your desire.

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Author's Bio: 

Joe Nunziata is an internationally known speaker and bestselling author. He has been delivering his life changing message at events and seminars since 1992. Joe has been working in the areas of personal development and human potential for over 20 years. His unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of energy results in revolutionary new programs and seminars.

Joe has always recognized the importance of working from within. He teaches that to be truly successful, you must make powerful changes and break destructive patterns of behavior. These unconscious patterns are connected to deep emotional energy that must be changed to facilitate long-term success in all areas of life.

Joe’s new bestselling book Spiritual Selling was released in August of 2007. This book combines powerful spiritual concepts with proven sales strategies. This new sales philosophy is being embraced by many people and corporations in today’s business community. His other books and programs include: No More Mental Barriers, No More 9 to 5 and The 7 Keys to Transformation.
Joe has appeared on television including Good Day New York on Fox, plus various radio stations including KFNN, Phoenix, AZ, KTHO, Sacramento, CA, KCEO, San Diego, CA, KLMO, Denver, CO, WXCT, Hartford, CT, WPLC, Washington, DC, WOKB, Orlando, FL and many others.