For years I was driven by an obsession to drink. In the beginning I tried to control it, but after a while it had complete control of me. Alcoholism took me to a deep emotional, spiritual and physical bottom, and only when I surrendered to this program did I begin to recover.

In sobriety I've found that the obsessive thinking of this disease is still with me, and there have been other areas in which I've hit a bottom. In early recovery the obsessive thinking often took me down, and when I finally did let go there were usually deep claw marks in whatever it was that I was releasing.

One of the gifts of my recovery is that I've learned that I have the choice of when to stop digging. When my obsessive thinking starts, I now have tools I can use to be restored to sanity. By turning my thinking over to my Higher Power, sharing my thoughts in meetings, with my sponsor or others, I avoid the old bottoms and can live a much freer life. How do I know when I've hit bottom today? When I choose to stop digging!

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Michael Z is author of a book of 12 Step Quotes and Sayings called, “The Wisdom of the rooms, A Year of Weekly Reflections”. He works as an Empowerment Life Skills Coach and is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern working in Los Angeles.
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