I want to show you the difference between how we think and an enlightened mind in order to introduce some powerful techniques that will change the way you think.

The Enlightened Mind

Let me tell you something interesting that few people know. An enlightened master doesn't think like the rest of us. They think with of fluid, sensation-based thoughts. The environment for that thinking is called Non-thought and is void of almost all mind-chatter. Thanks to their ability to hold Non-thought, they have a greater awareness of all their senses which allows them to process multiple things simultaneously.

Because of the light nature of the thinking process, they waste very little energy. And due to the use of a thinking platform based on feeling, they are able to deal in concepts and ideas well beyond words and human constructs. Freedom from word control and rigid thought-paths cultivates greater freedoms in conscious navigation.....Interesting.

Now Lets Talk About the Rest of Us

When we think we use mostly words to do it, ideas framed in words. We move these ideas framed in words around in our brains until a particular result is reached. For the most part this is an uncontrolled process, something that starts automatically, and ends when our brain is satiated. Words are not only in use during mind-chatter, but also during initiated, productive thinking, like a math problem or reminding ourselves of an errand we have to do later. This method really slows and simplifies how our minds work. Let me show you how.

Let's start with an example: You have to go to the bathroom. First you feel it; that's how you know you have to go. But then you say it to yourself, "I have to go to the bathroom". So now you've told yourself something that you already know, doubling the work and slowing down the mind. But here's the bigger issue: by using words, you are simplifying what's going on by summing it up in a very simple and concrete human frame. Instead of being aware of any other possibilities that could arise, you declared and agreed you're doing one thing with the next couple minutes of your life: "going to the bathroom". This dumbs-down the mind and limits thinking. It limits awareness.

Verbalizing in our heads is automatic, we just don't have control. Let me show you what I mean. Try to sit quietly for 5 minutes and see how much stuff your brain vocalizes to you - it's a little insane. Try it now. Or try to look at five objects one at a time without saying the name of the objects in your mind. Try it now. The brain runs the show and you're in the back seat.

Unfortunately, this is our standard mode of operation. And all this incoherent chatter just keeps us operating in the most primitive sense. It will never let us focus on greater things that lie just beyond. Rest assured there is a better way. But unless you fully realize the limitations there isn't much reason to change things. I'll make one more point and we'll talk about the solution.

Words Control the Mind

In the book 1984 by George Orwell, Newspeak is a language crafted in order to subjugate the thoughts of the population. By editing out all existence of thought provoking and creative words the population lost the ideas held by these words, thus were controlled. The author makes an ingenious point about how we think. We think using mostly words; Control the words, Control the mind. If you have never heard of an 'epiphany', how much more difficult would it be to conceive and fully recognize?

Our minds are leveraged by words and what we believe they mean. But what if we could identify everything by its inherent value without preconceived notion or definition?


The solution is found in a technique called the Language of Feeling. More on this is found in my follow-up article called "Learn to Think at Light Speed". Check it out now and learn how to easily transform your mind with very little practice! (about 5 minutes a day)

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