Most people associate mediation with enlightenment. And I agree with its value, meditation has been used for centuries to attain enlightenment. Gurus, sages, and yogis have taught it as the path to enlightenment.

Whenever a new concept is introduced to the general public, it tends to be scrutinized, which is normal and healthy for evolution. But I ask this of you, give this concept a chance, because it can be a great asset to your quest for Cosmic Consciousness.

EFT has been used successfully for a range of things. Including physical issues, mental and emotional issues, and personal performance. By clearing limiting beliefs and enforcing new empowering beliefs, we are able to transform our lives in the direction of our desires.

When in a session with clients, I encourage using EFT to enhance qualities that are desired in addition to resolving problems. Being constantly focused on problems have led many well intentioned people on a downward spiral of always looking for what is wrong and forgetting that the purpose of creating change is to be more happy, fulfilled and balanced.

A regimen of both resolving problems and enforcing new positive habits and thought patterns leads to a healthier state of being. As in many ancient cultural teachings and following Universal Principles, we are taught the importance of balance. Being in balance is essential to our quest for enlightenment and higher states of consciousness.

Using EFT to enlighten yourself can be as simple or as deep as you wish to go. Each path is as unique as the individual and there are no right or wrong ways. I prefer to get into a relaxed state, an alpha state, similar to hypnotic trance and do the EFT procedure on either predetermined topics or just allow my mind to flow and take me where it may.

Not only has this produced more enhanced results from my EFT session, but also lead to more profound spiritual experiences.

You can also simply do basic EFT on the topic of creating higher states of consciousness, elevating yourself to enlightenment, or anything related. Gary Craig’s EFT Newsletter and the official EFT Website feature tons of excellent articles and success stories about EFT being used on a range of topics including enhancing meditation and spirituality.

Since there are no negative side effects from EFT, there seems to be no reason not to try it. If the only result you get from incorporating EFT into your spiritual quest is a little extra relaxation… Is that so bad?

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Alicia D. Cramer is a Certified Hypnotist and owner of Wausau Hypnotherapy. She works with clients at her office in Wausau WI and by phone. Alicia is a member of the American Hypnosis Association, the Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472, and a proud graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She is currently a Psychology student in addition to running a successful Hypnotherapy Practice. Full biography and additional information is available on Wausau Hypnotherapy's Website: