Many people go to bed frustrated? About what? Answer: "frustrated about their locked up potential." Their financial potential, their health potential, and so on. It's time to release your potential and end the frustration.

Step 1: Get yourself a dream book. "A what?" you say. A dream book. I have a 1" binder with my goals and dreams. It is filled with photos of all of my dreams. I have pictures of my dream car, my dream house, and especially my Disney World dream vacation pictures. Each day I look in my dream book and plant positive faith filled images into my mind and heart. It works!

Step 2: A great imagination. Let's say you don't have a dream book. You can use your powerful imagination to visualize your dreams and goals right now. We were given power over this entire earth as special creative creatures. You are just one idea away from creating your dream world and ending your frustrations. Yes you can!

Step 3: A great desire. Tell a 2 year old child that he can't have that cookie on the counter. The odds are against him. The counter is high, the jar is difficult to open, but somehow he will find a way. Desire and determination can overcome almost any obstacle. Grit your teeth, roll up your sleeves and develop some healthy anger and fight for what you want. Your family will reap the benefits when you reach your goal.

Step 4: A great attitude. Who hasn't heard of attitude being the key to success. Hearing is one thing but putting it into practice is another. I dare you to ask 3 of your closest friends if you have a great attitude. If the thought of asking them sends chills down your spine, you probably need an adjustment. It's ok, we live to improve. The key to a greater attitude is to have more gratitude.

Author's Bio: 

My name is CJ Small, and I am a personal improvement coach and motivational speaker. I have a wonderful wife, and 5 beautiful kids! I can't wait to encourage you with my weekly encouraging emails, podcasts and more. I am the author of the new book, "You Were Created for Greatness" It's the perfect blend of practical and christian based principles. Enough about me, how can I encourage you?