you want to make a thoroughly healthy, tasty and simple pasta for all the family, then try this one below. Always a success with every age!

1. Buy certified organic spelt pasta.

Freshly made is best, but alternatively, nothing beats the flavours of certified organic pasta.

2. Slowly simmer 3 cups in filtered water with a pinch of celtic sea salt.

I usually simmer for about 10 minutes, have a taste, then continue.

3. When soft enough, strain it in cold, filtered water.

This separates the strands of pasta without any tearing.

4. Separately, mix handfuls of organic fresh basil, 1 thinly sliced organic carrot, 1 sliced organic red capsicum, 2 cloves of organic chopped garlic, 1/2 cup of organic cherry tomatoes, 1/4 cup of organic black olives and 1/2 cup of chopped organic or biodynamic fetta or cheddar cheese.

5. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of cold-pressed, organic olive oil. Or, you may use cold-pressed hemp oil or flaxseed oil.

6. Mix well.

7. Add the strained pasta.

8. Sprinkle with celtic sea salt (to your taste).

9. Mix well.


11.Serve and enjoy.

How Healthy Is This Meal?

Basil: Contains powerful anti-bacterial properties.

Carrot: The combination of Vitamin A and C and the mineral silicon, promote good eyesight. It's also a good vegetable source of Vitamin E , which is the muscle vitamin. Excellent for prevention of colds and viruses and for helping to cure teenage acne

Red Capsicum: One of the best vegetable sources of Vitamin C. It also contains Vitamin P which is essential for increasing the strength of the capillaries and helping to prevent varicose veins.

Garlic: Promotes elimination of acid-mucus poisons from the lymphatic system and entire body. It is also effective in clearing up the respiratory system.

Tomato: An excellent source of Vitamins A and C, both required to protect the body against infection and to promote healthy skin. It also contains sulphur, which has a cleansing and antiseptic effect on the digestive system, bloodstream and skin.

Black Olives: An excellent source of antioxidants. Olives contain polyphenols, that are believed to help prevent cancer. One of the polyphenols found in olives is thought to act as an anti-inflammatory.

Hemp: A whole protein, rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It contains a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and has 22 grams of protein per serving. Excellent for vegan athletes and growing kids.

Flaxseed: Rich in essential fatty acids, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and most importantly fiber. As an excellent source of dietary fibre, it has the following health benefits: it can strengthen a diseased heart, reduce cholesterol, prevent many different kinds of cancer and bind carcinogens, lessen the risk of diabetes and improve already diagnosed diabetes. The list goes on...

Celtic Sea Salt: Full of essential minerals from the ocean. It stimulates salivation, helps to balance and replenish all of the body's electrolyes, provides renewed energy, resistance to infections and bacterial diseases, balances alkaline/acid levels and promotes good digestion. Containing natural iodine, it can protect against radiation. It can also help relieve allergies and skin diseases.

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