Don’t you just just love the whole Gratitude thing? – I remember when I first read about it in the context of Personal and Spiritual Development and Law of Attraction, it really captured my imagination. It made so much sense.

Whenever I feel myself getting off course a bit or out of kilter (or going into a mini meltdown about something I’m trying to grapple with like internet marketing technical challenges for example! – I’m human!), I reach for the Gratitude Attitude and express thanks for all the great and wonderful things I already have to be thankful for in my life, right now ...

It’s such a great reminder and major grounder. It makes such an amazing and immediate difference to how you feel about things. It's the purest and quickest way I know how to get myself shifted into a positive mindset, to 'Be' in the ‘Moment’, and change my energy frequency.

Gratitude can be your best friend and ally and an amazingly effective practice you can use - and fun at the same time! Try these steps –

1. Take a moment right now and look around you and express your Gratitude for what you have, and feel the pleasure and joy ...

If something really great has happened and you’re saying thanks, watch out for the physical sensations and tingles that well up in your body in that moment of glee. Remember to watch out for and learn more about reading the feelings and physical sensations in your body and what they mean – it’s all part of your deepening self awareness.

2. Make it a regular practice - the more you feel grateful, the more you radiate an energy that attracts more about which to be grateful. When you’re genuinely feeling grateful, in that very moment, you are at the same time creating a space, a vacuum to invite and call in abundance and prosperity into your life.

Here are some more practical things you can do to get your Gratitude practice happening regularly –

3. At night when you’ve gone to bed, for a few moments as you relax, reflect back on your day and express gratitude for the good things that happened. Perhaps even some of the not so good things as you reflect positively on the lesson that it may have brought to your attention and its possible hidden meaning.

Then reflect and give thanks for the broader things – your Family and loved ones, your friends, your beautiful home, your wonderful invigorating garden, your great job, or the opportunity to be your own boss, work from home and build a great business you’re passionate about and totally love … and so forth.

4. In the morning, look forward to your day and before setting your intentions for the day, reflect on and give thanks for all the great things in your life. This really makes all the difference to how you will feel about the day to come, and how it plays out.

5. You can keep a daily Gratitude Journal or Notebook where you set aside a few minutes every day and reflect on what happened for which you are grateful. Do this at a set time, so that it becomes a joyous habit you look forward to.

6. Take a Gratitude Walk, or better still, turn your daily walk into a Gratitude Walk – by using the time for thinking and developing the gratitude and appreciation mindset.

As your eyes focus on the immediate things that come within your close range, as you walk along, you can truly appreciate what ‘being in the moment’ is truly like.

This is a wonderful time to look at and take in all the wonders of nature around you – the gardens, plants and flowers, colors, scents, birds, blue sky, fresh breeze, or mesmerizing stillness of a perfect summer day ... This is also a fabulous way to appreciate the true boundless, natural abundance of nature.

As you continue walking along, focus your mind on and appreciate all the positives you encounter around you ... from the beauty and variety in your neighbors’ gardens, each one their own little contained world yet part of a bigger whole, the changes from day to day, from season to season, an exchanged smile with a stranger walking their dog, the way communal garden and park areas are pleasingly maintained ... to the way walking makes you feel invigorated and alive …

Give special thanks to the marvel of how magnificent your body is for working the way that it does. As you keep your positive Gratitude thoughts flowing through your walk you’ll feel fabulous and refreshed, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As you near the end of your walk and you’re approaching your home, give thanks to your wonderful replenishing Home Haven, and all the special people in your life that live or visit there.

7. And now, let’s focus in on you by having you express gratitude to yourself, for yourself - your talents and abilities, your accomplishments, your sense of humor, the way you help others, the wonderful qualities you bring to your interactions with other people, and how you make a difference just by being you. This is very powerful and empowering.

You may even like to do this while looking in the mirror at yourself and affirming how valuable and deserving you are of all good things.

Practice these techniques every day so that they become automatic and second nature to you. You’ll be so glad that you did. And then, look out for the positive results as they come flowing into your life ...

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