Hold it! We're talking here about a small business website that you have decided to build today. You’ll find an incredible number of gurus that are stampeding towards your e-click fingers to help you build your own website.

But first--you have to do some learning and research. Most understand that, but many swagger into the ebusiness stadium and pretend to know a lot. What they get is a good dose of disappointment. You’ll need the right kind of weapons, and the right battle plan to succeed.

I knew you'd bring that up! Yes, there are a lot of easy ways to build web sites such as using instructional CD's, mentoring, or even "ready-made" websites that are flooding the Internet. And you can easily publish the site on the Internet an hour after starting.

What is never obvious, and yet so important, are the necessary steps in the process of setting up a website that separate the men from the boys or ladies from the girls.

You want to make some money using the website, right? You want visitors to find your site, right? You want those visitors to buy something, right? You want them to come back again and again and buy, right?

If online business failure is not an option, then learn how to succeed!
               Plan your work and work your plan!

Start at the end and work back to the beginning. Sounds dumb, but makes sense if you can follow me.

Many build a website, and then wonder how to use it. You need to have a purpose for your website before you ever start to build one---that is if you really want to have ebusiness success.
     How you need to proceed--step by step:

1. Set a business goal in simple terms.
2. Determine if the goal is realistic.
3. Discover what is necessary to make it all work.
4. Find resources that will be needed.
5. Budget for every step.
6. Make a backup plan.
7. Build your business website.

7 smart approaches to your online business:

1. Business Goal: This is where you want to end up. Example: "I want to sell baseballs to every baseball fan that I can find." Not, "I want to sell sporting goods to those that need them." Pick out a specific business concerning things you are passionate about, know a lot about, have a lot of experience with, or something that you enjoy doing every single day.

2. Realistic Business: If you find out there are 14,000 Internet businesses already selling baseballs, you might want to change your original product to something else that involves less competition, or present your product in a different light--like selling autographed baseballs. You need a business that not only provides the public with what they are buying and want, but also has lower amounts of business competition.

3. Get Smart: Learn why customers are buying baseballs, why they buy them from certain businesses, and if there is an associated market relating to baseballs that no one has thought of-----like a personalized stand or holder to put the autographed baseball on.

Perhaps sell collector's cabinets specifically for displaying baseballs. Learn advertising, marketing, promotion, traffic, list building, tracking, business structure, and all those tactics and techniques necessary to succeed on your business web site. You're laughing!

Yes, it would take years to learn all those e-topics! If you don't at least get a superficial grasp of the ebusiness world, and even if you hire folks to do all that for you, you will not succeed. If you are as smart as I think you are, you are a subscriber to the free ezines (newsletters) pertaining to the online business you want to start. Join forums as well. Know what they are?

4. Resources 101: Selling baseballs at competitive prices means that you have to obtain them at a much lower price to make money--right? Do research and find the middlemen, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and auctions where baseballs are available continuously at wholesale bargain prices that give you the profit edge.

5. Money 101: Never forget Church on Sunday because sooner or later you will be praying for more customers, more income you deserve, and more cash to keep your business website rolling. It isn't a matter of, "Ok, I'll max out my credit lines and hope some day I can pay it off." Knowing that 95% of small online website businesses fail in the first 2 years---must mean something to you. Spend your money for the best help you can find whether it's software, mentoring, or hiring.

6. Backup Plan: Suppose people stop buying baseballs for some reason, at least from you. Suppose you become disabled and can't run the business. More often, the ebusiness entrepreneur finds a more lucrative, interesting, or better ebusiness niche to dive into. Smart business folks are always prepared for the "What if" scenario.

7. Web Site Project: It’s a hard lesson to learn---selling baseballs without having a business website. Thankfully, experts have provided umpteen ways to easily set up your website. The trick is to construct a website that is ebusiness functional and can easily be revised to follow the marketplace trends. Maybe customers have become tired of catching baseballs in their bare hands, and now want to buy your disposable baseball mitts when they arrive at the game. Did you just start a parallel business?

Following the steps above is the best way to avoid the reasons for business failure.

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