Marie sat and looked around her empty home. It wasn’t empty of furniture and possessions; it was empty of another person. Marie wanted her soul mate. Her last relationship was a disaster and after taking time to heal emotionally, she was ready to find the love of a lifetime. Unfortunately it didn't seem as if fate was in her favor. Looking in bars didn't work and no one at the office had made much of an impression. Her friends had tried to set her up, but none of the men they introduced her to encouraged a connection. And she didn't feel the need to encourage one either.

James had always thought of himself as a worthwhile person. In the love and soul mate department, he had never had a meaningful relationship. There had been a series of casual girlfriends, but none that had the true feeling of forever. Now that his career and life was set he wanted to finish the game plan and find the woman he is meant to be with. He's tired of the shallow meaningless hook ups anyone can find.

Both of these people are ready for something more. They are ready to find their soul mates. The problem is neither one has any idea how to do that. They're tired of the same cat and mouse games that are such an unfortunate part of dating and love. It may be helpful for them to look inside their homes instead of out in the world first. Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy of design to enhance the flow of positive chi or energy. If these two people redesign their personal space there is a very good chance that they will find the soul mate they want to share their lives with.

It is true that soul mates are more than just sexual partners; however the bedroom is the place to start for changing the course of chi to work in your favor. The Feng Shui practice was designed to instruct people on how to create the energies necessary to fulfill their desires and live a balanced life. In order for Feng Shui to help you find your future loved ones, there are some important instructions to implement in your home and bedroom.

Look around the bedroom, what color are the walls? Is it a color that would inspire love and romance, or does it have more the look of a sterile institution? Pink is the color to focus on to draw your soul mate out. It isn't necessary that every surface in your bedroom is pink, but using it as much as possible would certainly help. Being male, James may not want to have a frilly girly looking room. In his case or in the case of someone who isn't a fan of the color, red is the color of passion and can be used sparingly. Be careful of overdoing it with red though. Too much would disrupt the softer aspects of love energy and create too intense of a space.

Another Feng Shui soul mate tip that Marie and James should keep in mind is the artwork or knick-knacks that are in the bedroom. It is absolutely essential to make sure there isn't one of anything. One statuette or picture of one person, thing, or animal doesn’t inspire the connection of two people. Replace anything that represents one with artwork and decorations that show two. Pictures of happy couples, two figurines representing the male and the female, or even two vases placed close to each other will help you discover your new love.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to remove any electronic equipment from the bedroom in the Feng Shui tradition. The electronic magnetism of the TV, computer, or any other electronical device hampers the positive flow of good chi. If you have to have a TV or computer in your bedroom, invest in a cabinet with doors that close to put it in. Having electronics in your bedroom just isn't conducive to romance.

Now take a look at your bed. It should look like the perfect place to lounge around and invite the idea of comfort and passion. Your bedding should be soft, fluffy, and sensual. Think satin or silk sheets in a color that invites passion. The comforter should be thick and soft; perfect for a cuddle or intimate pillow talk. Before love and your soul mate can be welcome in your life, you have to prepare the correct space.

Just like James and Marie, you can find a soul mate using Feng Shui techniques. As an added bonus, you also get the opportunity of enjoying a pleasant, comfortable bedroom while waiting for the person of your dreams to appear. Making good use of these ancient ideas and philosophies is a wonderful way to invite the love, passion, and romance into your life that you crave.

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Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM, LEED AP, "Award Winning" Interior Designer, Feng Shui Expert & Author of 20 Minute Feng Shui is continually ranked "Top 10" in Google and Yahoo. Clients testify of dramatic results!