So you suffer from procrastination and want to know how to fight it? In order to overcome procrastination, we should first know what is causing it in the first place. There can be many reasons for procrastinating on something and if we become aware of them, it can be very helpful.

For example, suppose there is an important article you need to write. You have been thinking about writing it from so many days, but have been putting it off again and again. What could be the cause? Why have you been unable to make yourself sit down and write that article?

Think about the reasons why you have been putting off this thing? Here are some possible reasons why people procrastinate. You can go through the list and check one by one whether any of the reasons fits your case:

1. Fear of failure or inadequacy: You are afraid that you might not be able to write that article properly or the article might turn up very bad and get rejected or ridiculed.

2. Feeling overwhelmed: You believe this task is difficult and will either take a long time, or too much hard work. You feel overwhelmed just thinking about the enormity of the task and the time it might take to finish it.

3. Feeling Tired or Just Not in the Mood: You can only manage to write that article after you have come home from office, but usually you are too tired to sit down and write. Or you might just not be in the mood to do this particular task. It might be something you do not have any interest in, you don't enjoy it and find it boring.

4. Lack of Time: You might be putting off that thing because you are unable to find sufficient time to get the work done. It could be that you are very busy, or have over-committed to many tasks or it could be that you get distracted easily with other things and hence put off this thing for the future.

There can be many other reasons, apart from those mentioned above, which can make you postpone things and procrastinate on them.

Knowing the reasons why we procrastinate can be very beneficial if we want to learn how to fight procrastination and get our work done on time.

he approach you take to fighting procrastination can vary depending on what is causing it in the first place.

For example if you have fear of failing or fear of success and the additional responsibilities that can come with success, you might need to take a different route to solving your procrastination problem than you would take if the cause was lack of time - in this case you might need to hone up your time management, organizing, delegating and prioritizing skills.

However there are some general tips and solutions which can work to a limited extent. To completely overcome procrastination, you would need to get at the root causes and employ strategies that work long-term and help you permanently cope up with this problem.

But both short term and long term strategies can be good. Short term tips can help you get the work done at the moment, and long term solutions can be helpful if you are interested in putting a permanent full-stop to this problem and get on with your life in a better organized way. To end procrastination in 21 days or less, check out this resource - End Procrastination

Remember that eliminating procrastination habit from the root level, can make it go away forever. Or atleast we will learn how to deal with it effectively, so that when it arises in the future, we can still take action and do the required work without being bothered too much by this problem. Everybody of us feels procrastination every now and then, but if we know how to take action inspite of this problem, then this problem might stop bothering us too much.

Long term procrastination solutions are helpful if you have been suffering from chronic procrastination, or faced a lot of problems because of this habit.

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