How do you start?

The first goal in developing yourself in to identify the areas where you believe you may have a need for growth; and everyone has room for personal growth in some areas. It would be a mistake to think that you have failings that is not the same as reflecting on areas of your personal and professional life that could be developed, it is all a part of learning and a step on the pyramid of success. So sit down with a piece of paper and write down areas that you think you lack confidence and those will be the areas you can focus on.

Self-confidence and knowledge

Often in life and in work, people may lack self confidence in a given area, and this is perfectly natural and in many cases healthy. Over confidence can be dangerous for relationships and in the workplace. Self confidence grows with increased knowledge. Many entrepreneur success stories are borne out of individuals really doing detailed research about a subject or profession and becoming entirely comfortable with that aspect of their lives, and through that knowledge they gain confidence. This is not a recipe for guaranteed success, but it is the base line and working hard and finding out as much as you can about your profession or skill can never be a bad thing. Success rarely arrives at the doorstep of those who are not willing to work for it, so knuckle down and use this as a tip for success.

Expectations and actions

Stress and unmet expectations are causes for real concern in the process of self-development, which is where we can introduce the concept of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule states that you should "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In basic terms, treat other people as you would like to be treated by them and you should be a generally happier and more fulfilled individual. This does involve you becoming more involved with people you interact with in the workplace. Difficulties in developing inter-personal relationships in the workplace can be barriers to success, so if you think that may apply, identify it in detail and start to rectify the situation; gain confidence in your inter-personal relationships at work and start seeing the increased success that follows.

Happiness and self-esteem

The western world has long since accepted that there is a developed relationship between happiness and self-esteem, so one without the other is difficult to achieve. The process of developing this psychology of improvement of these critical areas is worth examining on a personal level. Self esteem can be gained through a number of avenues; perhaps you need to dress for success, put on a new suit and feel the part, gaining increased self confidence in the process. Perhaps being better qualified is your route to success and happiness through better self esteem, get on a training course and gain a qualification relative to your work.

You can't buy success - but it may help!

There is a whole market out there for self-improvement books, personal growth reviews and spiritual growth workshops. Investing in any of these avenues could prove really worthwhile for you. Contact a mentor, try out a workshop, find out that there are other people out there striving to achieve their self-development goals too.

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