The used car industry is as large as the new car industry itself. Due to rising costs of new cars, used cars are these days becoming increasingly popular. But in your opinion, how much does a used car cost?

Let me quote an example. I did a search on Google for “average price of a used car” and the results churned up a price tag of 50-80% of the retail value. In my book, that is an awful lot of money to be spending on used cars. You could be spending a few hundreds or thousands of dollars more, and you end up with a spanking new car in your garage. So, how exactly do you buy a used car for real cheap?

Seized Car Auctions. Yes. You are hearing it right. How many people in the United States are aware of the fact that literally thousands of cars are being seized by Government, law enforcement and financial agencies? Where do all these cars go? Parking tickets, unpaid bank premium, foreclosure penalties, and the list goes on. This will make their parking yards look like a junkyard. The very idea of maintaining these vehicles in proper conditions will cost these agencies a fortune. Not to mention the effort of saving these government properties from prying eyes. This only leads to one logical solution. Auction off the cars at the least possible cost.

This is where we come into play. You are looking for a used car, and the government is auctioning them away. So, who benefits? It’s just a matter of thought. And interestingly, you will be precisely awestruck by hearing the cost at which these cars are being auctioned. You can literally bid and buy a used car for around a whopping 90% off on the retail price tag. Is this a scam? No. These are government properties that are being auctioned so as to clear up the useful Government space. Imagine owning your dream car at just a fraction of the cost of a new car!

Another important thing is that you can literally choose your favourite car from a number of automobile makes and models. You search for it, you get it. How appealing does this sound? Some of the most popular car makes and models includes Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, GMC, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and you name it. All these cars are at the most two to three years old, and are mostly in top condition. Apart from the seized group, there are also cars from the retired breed, which are more likely excluded from the various Government departments so as to accommodate newer models.

So what are you waiting for? Get your thinking caps on and see how you can benefit from this excellent opportunity of driving away your dream car.

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Vinith is a car enthusiast, and loves the very idea of driving one to its limits. Please visit his Used Cars section or you can also visit his website to know more about Seized Cars Auctions.