Tarot Cards can be a very controversial subject and people often have deeply held fears and beliefs about them. They are, in fact, a deck of 78 picture cards. They are a fantastic tool for helping us to tap into our inner power, our creativity and our intuition. They were originally designed for instruction and used in that way, they can offer huge insights into ourselves and our lives. As they say "Knowledge is Power" and in my view, it is only Power when it "Em-Powers" ourselves or others.

Tarot cards date back to the 14th century, and have been widely used in all sorts of ways since then.

Most people tend to think of fortune-telling when they think of Tarot cards, and that is one possible use.

In my practice as a Changing Lives Guide, I meet a lot of people who have been told very silly things, such as “watch out for a red car speeding” or “You’ll have an accident or a stroke” or other such nonsense.

I am of the opinion that there is very little over which we have absolutely no control. We all have free will and choice and our results are determined by our actions.

The cards can often indicated the general direction in which events are progressing, IF you do not make any changes

In my experience, it is rare that things such as physical death or accidents will show up, and even if they do, what is the point of worrying someone over things that they can do nothing about?

Tarot cards are best used to explore yourself, your motives, your hopes, dreams and fears as well as for self discovery and tapping into your intuition and creativity.

When we shuffle the cards, we concentrate on an issue that we would like some help on and make a connection with our own inner guidance system. We make a connection with the Universe, whether that is with our Guides, our Angels or other being or entity we turn to for help.

Think about your question in terms of “what do I need to know to make a decision for my highest good in this matter?”

Take a deep breath, quiet your mind, concentrate on your question and lay half a dozen cards on the table. Do the cards look bright and happy to you? Or a bit more challenging? Do they reflect your feelings? Listen for any intuitive prompts that might flash into your mind.

The cards can be an extremely useful coaching too, both for ourselves and for others. Through Tarot cards, it is very easy to identify things that may be blocking a person in any area of their life and to help them to gently explore various options for moving forward.

A Tarot card deck is made up of 78 cards, which consist of pictures and symbols. As our mind thinks in pictures, we can often see the solutions to our challenges literally staring us in the face, even if we do not necessarily know what the cards mean.

One of the simplest decks to work with is the Rider Waite deck, which you can get from many bookshops or online from Amazon. It has very clear pictures, which are easy to understand and does not have any disturbing imagery.

If we are feeling particularly down, it can be useful to see that there is some light at the end of tunnel and that the cycle of negative is coming to an end.

When we feel renewed hope and optimism, we automatically tap into more of our resources of creativity, intuition and inner strength and we can more easily find solutions to challenges.

Sometimes the cards can be used to confirm what we “knew” in our heart all along was the right choice. They can also be used to safely explore various options before making a decision.

It is important to remember that the Tarot cannot give any “fixed” answers, it can only offer you ideas for you to think about. The results you get are ultimately determined by the actions you take. The good thing is that you can change your thoughts and your actions and get completely different results. How cool is that?

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Amanda Goldston is a Tarot Coach and Changing Lives Guide with over 16 years experience of using Tarot cards. She offers in depth readings and breakthrough coaching sessions to clear any blocks to success, which may have come up in the reading.
She now has a video based Learn Tarot Online members area to teach people how to read Tarot cards for fun, profit and personal growth. Please visit learntarotonline.com.