No doubt you've gotten fired up about using the Law of Attraction to manifest some cool stuff in your life, but eventually after a few days or a few weeks or trying, you gave up and then told yourself... “this stuff doesn't work”.

Maybe you got lazy and couldn't be bothered to keep doing daily processes to manifest your desires?

Or perhaps you tried it for so long that you ended up giving up and now you go around saying that “the LOA is a marketing tool, the only people getting rich are those who sell it”.

Whatever your beliefs about it, they don't actually matter all that much. What does matter however is how much you want your desire.

Almost all people fail to manifest their hearts desires because they just do not have a burning desire to achieve their dreams. They say they want something but aren't prepared to do anything to achieve it.

So, I pose you the question...

How much do you want it?

• Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve it?

• Will you knock down stone walls that stand in front of you and your desire?

• Are you prepared to burn your ships behind you and fight until you succeed, or will you die on the battle field?

If you've found yourself tumbling along and not really achieving much of anything then I strongly encourage you to reevaluate your desires and work out whether you do have a burning desire to achieve them or not.

If you want to earn more money, what limits are you prepared to go to get it? Will you do whatever it takes to achieve your desire? If so then you've just taken a massive step forward and in actual fact you've just done the hard part in attracting what you want.

Taking that leap of faith and being PREPARED to do whatever it takes is what will eventually yield you the results. You cannot lie and deceive yourself or the universe. The universe knows your feelings and vibration and doesn't hear your words or thoughts. If you're ready to do whatever it takes then the universe will hand over the plans necessary for your achievement.

It works every time and with no exceptions.

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