We learn how to act and to think as children, while
dependent upon our parents. They demonstrate, explain,
reward, punish and teach—how to do, how to think and
what is real.
Of course, I learned like everyone else. I mastered the beliefs
and behaviors of the American culture—as instructed,
enacted, rewarded and punished by my parents.
Strangely, much later, I had a second beginning.
At age forty-six, after six months of bed-ridden illness, I
struggled to go outdoors, collapsed on the ground and did
little but lie there for days. I paid attention to my body
against the soil. I was too weak and sick to do any thing else,
and too well not to pay attention.
A new mother was introducing life.
A new mother was teaching truth.
A new mother was teaching the foundation of existence.
My new mother was the foundation.
It became apparent that the earth was life’s fundamental
Of course you also know this, although by a different
learning process. The manner in which we learn alters the
product of our learning, as well as its position of importance
in our lives.
Then a second truth became evident, as I was becoming
healthier, that the earth is a healthy place. It is a “healthgiving”
The weeks passed. I could stand and walk. The earth’s
support for my feet, its transfer of energy through my feet,
was my next reality.
Months went by. I was not well enough to return to my
employment. So, I went to my “school” each day. I was
represented each day. I was acculturated each day.
This second introduction to life became the foundation for
all my successive experience. New things became possible.
Different truths assumed importance. Values changed.
Unintentionally, I learned to heal others.
To heal others one behaves consistently with nature, while
This is not a metaphor. It is tangible and demonstrable. I
could feel my heart supported by the earth’s energy. I
became fascinated with healing.
Like every endeavor, skill is developed through attention. I
became skilled at using my heart, while supported by reality,
by the earth. This practice brought others relief from pain,
fear and hatred. It encouraged health.
How can I choose to do anything else? I cannot. I do not. Oh,
I write about healing, and I teach others this process, but I
am a healer. It has become my identity. No alternative is

Author's Bio: 

Warren Grossman
For twenty years Warren Grossman, Ph.D. has practiced and taught
healing with love and nature’s energy. Healing is an innate human
function. Dr. Grossman trains those who wish to be healed and those who wish to heal others. In addition, he maintains a private practice of healing.
His Ph.D. is in psychology. He is a graduate of Kent State University and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Dr. Grossman is the author of To Be Healed By The Earth, (Seven Stories Press).