My friends and I were out to dinner one night and we talked about the possibility of vacationing together. The conversation grew with excitement as we discussed all of the potential destinations that would take us out of the cold winter. But there was one glitch with our potential plan. One of my friends said she wouldn’t be able to go to any destination that included taking a plane because her husband has aerophobia (fear of flying). Of course, my ears perked up because hypnosis has been known to help many people with this debilitating phobia.

As in this case, fear of flying (otherwise known as aerophobia or aviaphobia) can limit vacation plans, prevent you from visiting loved ones, and maybe even stop you from applying for a job that requires air travel. For some it may be mild, causing them to be anxious and nervous when they fly, and others simply won’t fly at all.

Each person’s fear may be different. Most commonly people simply imagine something disastrous is going to happen. Sometimes it’s a fear of confined spaces or that they are not “in control”. Many people don’t even remember how their fear started. It may have been a bad experience on a flight or perhaps you saw pictures of an airline crash on TV or in a newspaper. Everyone with this fear has one thing in common: they imagine feeling scared ahead of time. Those who will fly will have many sleepless nights thinking about their impending flight.

This fear is real and significant, harbored in the unconscious part of your mind. You cannot consciously over-ride this part of your brain responsible for the creation of your fear. Hypnotherapy can change your negative thought patterns, by direct suggestion to your subconscious creating new and powerful positive images removing your fear of flying anxieties.

To help lessen flying anxiety, get to the airport early. Having to rush through the airport will create more stress, especially with the new security requirements. When possible, schedule non-stop flights and choose seats that will be towards the front of the plane where you will be less aware of turbulence. An aisle seat is also helpful allowing you to move around more freely. Practice visualizing your flight and arriving safely at your destination. Emotional and mental preparation is important to process your anxiety beforehand. Bring reading material, or listen to relaxing music. Just sitting there worrying will only cause more anxiety.

If necessary, seek the help of a qualified professional. Consider hypnosis as a viable and effective means of eliminating your fear. Let your fear of flying be a part of your past. Share fun vacations with family and friends. And remember - flying is considered to be one of the safest forms of transportation in the United States.

Go see the world!

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Annette Bergstein is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, International Hypnosis Federation, National Guild of Hypnotists and International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She welcomes any questions you may have regarding hypnosis. She can be reached by email at or at Quest Hypnotherapy, 201-264-0690 for an appointment. Private hypnotherapy sessions are always recommended however, CDs related to this or any other issue are available for you to experience in the privacy of your own home.