Some girls basketball players are satisfied with being an average player or just being on the team. While the top players, are not. They enjoy the attention, the competition, the leadership role and responsibility. It is quite easy to turn your game around and become a top player. The question is “do you have the desire?” Listed below are the things you must do to improve your game.

1. Listen to your coach.

The first key to improving your game is your coach. What is your coach always complaining or nagging you about? Rebounding. Defense. Hustling. Think about it. If you need specific directions on what to improve, go ask your coach. They will tell you what you need to work on and not only that, they will show you how to perform the task properly.

2. Work Extra.

Team practices are not the time to work on your individual game. You must find time outside of practice to work on the skills your coach told you to work on. Set one to two days to the side each week to work on your game. You must be consistent. You will be surprised at how your game develops over time.

3. Set Goals.

Challenge yourself. Setting goals gives you the opportunity to go after something. If you average 2 rebounds per game, set a goal to double that. If you have the role to defend the best offensive player during a game, set a goal to hold them within a certain amount of points.

Improving your game is not hard to do. It takes desire, consistency and the willingness to work. Are you willing and ready?

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