No doubt, a job is always stressful. The more you are in a responsible position, the more stress you are supposed to take. Accepting new challenges, meeting tight deadlines, working for long hours and day to day hassles, make the body vulnerable to serious ailments. Stress badly disrupts the body’s ability to process glucose, leading to diabetes. Stress is also responsible for the thickness of arteries thus developing cardio vascular diseases and high blood pressure.

The job related stress is there and we cannot get rid of it altogether. However, we can minimize it as far as possible by changing our attitude to work and adopting a healthy life style. (Drinking a dozen cups of coffee and smoking three packets of cigarettes a day is not the proper way of coping with the stress).

Enjoy Your Work

The work is not play but you can make yourself believe that the work you are doing is giving you full enjoyment as if you are busy playing an interesting game. Meeting a deadline is indeed stressful but it also gives you the much needed confidence that you are capable enough to meet any deadline. Accepting a new challenge is often stressful but can also be rewarding if you take it as an opportunity to show your hidden talents. The more you enjoy your work the more you get rid of yourself from the negative effects of work related stress.

Establish Good Relationship with Colleagues

In any organization, most job related stress is due to the ill-attitude of subordinates and colleagues. This ugly scene creates unnecessary hurdles in the smooth functioning of work. It is, therefore, utmost necessary for you to create a friendly atmosphere in the office as far as possible. In a pleasant environment it is possible to get the cooperation of others for your work done properly with full concentration without unnecessary interruption from others. In this way your work stress will be minimized, your working efficiency will be increased and so the chances of your promotion to the next higher level. So think of improving your relations with your subordinates and colleagues.

Take a Nap

During lunch hours, take a five to ten minutes nap with your eyes closed and body fully relaxed while lying or sitting on a sofa or a comfortable seat. This is a great stress reliever. I want to tell you that this short nap would have magical effects on your mind and body. This not only relaxes your inner and outer muscles but also gives you the vital energy sufficient enough to keep you working for another couple of hours!

Eat Well

Most of us are not in the habit of eating well. Normally we take high fat, high sugar, high carbohydrate or greasy fast foods which certainly lack essential vitamins and minerals. At least 50 percent of our diet should consist of raw fruits and vegetables. Some nutritionists advise to take five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit daily. If you keep on sitting for long hours in the office, it is necessary to take light but nourishing food to keep you active and mentally alert during work. Fresh fruits also have soothing effects on the stressful bodies.

Drink Plenty of Water

Always keep a bottle of pure natural water on your table. Instead of taking frequent cups of tea or coffee why not drink plain water. Each and every cell of the body need water for nourishment and for flushing out the unwanted wastes from the body. Drinking too little water can result in severe constipation, dry and itchy skin, acne, urinary infections, dry coughs, and headaches. Drinking plenty of water is the answer to many stressful ailments.

Exercise Regularly

Some kind of physical activity, walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics or yoga, is necessary to keep yourself physically fit and mentally relaxed. You can do exercise in the morning or evening as you find time. At least a 20 minute workout is necessary to keep yourself healthy and in shape. The more time you give to physical activity the more rewarding and stress relieving.

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