The beautiful colors of the Fall season will soon be unfolding before our eyes. The Fall Season brings many gifts, but one…the dreaded cold, cough and flu. It starts with a sneeze, a runny nose and watery eyes, then a mild sore throat and soon we are coughing up a storm. Eventually we may be completely laid up with a fever, general weakness and aching all over the body…the flu!

Homeopathy to the Rescue
Homeopathy can help ease and alleviate many of the nagging and debilitating symptoms of colds, coughs and flu, and have you back up and running in no time. Homeopathy is the second most common form of alternative healthcare in the world today and is growing rapidly. It is safe, gentle and effective. It also stimulates the immune system and helps prevent future illness. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances and do not produce side effects. They are inexpensive and can often be found at your local health food store or coop.

I know, it is so easy to reach for that cough suppressant, nasal spray, a cold capsule, or fever reducer, but these only offer temporary relief. In fact they actually impede the body’s own healing response. The cough reflex, mucus production and fever are necessary symptoms being expressed by the body to rid the body of infection and heal itself. Homeopathy can be a great alternative to suppression, as it works more with the body’s symptom expression and stimulates healing.

There are over 3,000 different homeopathic remedies a homeopath works with nowadays. Literally hundreds of remedies could be helpful for the symptoms of a cold, cough or flu. It depends on the entire symptom expression. Some of the more well known remedies are discussed below.

Remedies for the Cold
A cold is usually a mild illness that is often much warranted due to our consistently hectic schedules. It is a sign to relax and let the body replenish itself. At times though it can become severe and linger and limit our capacity to function.

Aconite napellus, a remedy made from the plant Monkshood, is for colds that come on suddenly, especially after exposure to cold weather or cold, dry winds. Like the weather just around the corner here in Minnesota! It is especially indicated within the first 24 hours of symptom onset. The predominant mental state is anxiety and fear, with an internal restlessness that does not allow them to remain still. A high fever with runny nose and great thirst for cold drinks may also be present.

Atropa belladonna, a remedy made from the plant Deadly Nightshade, is for colds that also come on suddenly and very effective in the early course of illness. The key symptoms are sensitive, redness, intensity and heat. They are sensitive to any kind of motion, being touched or jarred and light. An intense, high fever with a hot, red face and throbbing in the head is also common. Mentally there may be a tendency to sudden, explosive anger or a delirium with fearful, wide, glistening eyes.

Allium cepa, a remedy made from the plant Red Onion, is for colds that produce clear, watery and sometimes burning nasal discharge. The nose is like a faucet that won’t turn off. The eyes have profuse tearing and become red and may also burn. Think of the time when you cut that last red onion! The symptoms of this type of cold are often worse in warm rooms, the evenings, and better in open air.

Remedies for the Cough
A cough often develops when a person with a cold becomes infected with a virus or bacteria in the throat, trachea or bronchi. There are many types of coughs. Some are wet or dry, loose or tickling, shallow or deep, all depending on where the infection is and how serious it may be.

Bryonia alba, a remedy made from the plant Wild Hops, is for coughs that have traveled down into the chest already. The cough is dry and hard. You will find the person wants to hold the chest while coughing or even breathing, since there is so much pain from even the slightest movement. There is a pronounced irritability and they often want to be left alone. In general there is a thirst for large quantities of water, with warm drinks in particular helping to relieve the cough temporarily.

Rumex crispus, a remedy made from the plant Yellow Dock, is for coughs that are dry and tickling. There is an intense tickling in the trachea area that produces an incessant, violent cough with very little mucus production. The incessant coughing may be set off by inspiration of cold air, even the slightest temperature change from room to room, when uncovering, or when asked to talk. Often the cough is worse at night around 11pm.

Phosphorus, a remedy made from the mineral Phosphorus, is for coughs that are also dry and tickling like Rumex. The phosphorus cough though has a burning sensation in the chest area and may be accompanied with hoarseness. There can also be a feeling of tightness, constriction and suffocation in the chest area. They are worse in the evening or twilight, lying on the left side, or from spicy foods. They have a tremendous thirst for ice-cold drinks. Mentally they are anxious when alone and better when they have others around.

Remedies for the Flu
Influenza is associated with a certain group of viruses that infect the respiratory system. When the common cold symptoms are combined with fever, marked weakness, a depleted feeling, and muscular ache throughout the body, it is time to look at flu remedies.

Gelsemium sempervirens, a remedy made from the plant Yellow Jasmine, represents the classic flu symptoms. The fever is slow in onset and there is great fatigue, weakness and sleepiness, with droopy eyelids. The head and limbs feel very heavy and the mind dull. They are often thirstless and have a characteristic symptom of chills running up and down the back.

Eupatorium perfoliatum, a remedy made from the plant Thoroughwort, is for flus that have a high fever and severe, unbearable muscular aching in the body. The bones feel as though they are broken. There is a pronounced chill and sensitivity to cold air, yet a great thirst for cold drinks and general craving of cold foods. Nausea and vomiting are worse during the chill. In general they are worse in the morning and have a hard time lifting their heavy, aching head from the pillow.

Potency and Dosage
When purchasing a remedy, it is best to buy either a12c or 30c potency. The remedy may be taken 3-4 times daily and less frequently as symptoms improve. If there is no change after 36-48 hours, then a different homeopathic remedy should be considered.

Consulting a Homeopath
Enjoy exploring the world of homeopathy. It will undoubtedly bring many successes and benefits to the family. Yet, do know there are bound to be many times where it seems you have tried every remedy you know and nothing is working. This is the time to think of consulting a professional homeopath. Dependable results have many factors. Choosing the right potency and frequency of dosing are important factors often overlooked. When managed correctly they can be very effective in resolving an acute sickness. Distinguishing between the characterizing symptoms of each remedy and what is important in a case is also an art and skill. It is what homeopaths devote so much of their time as professionals developing. Another important factor to consider is seeing one’s own symptom picture, or state of illness, can be difficult if not impossible. One often needs someone else to clearly and objectively understand and see the symptoms being expressed.

Homeopathic Kits
Homeopathic Kits are a wise alternative to purchasing single remedies. They are cheaper in the long run and you can be more assured you will have the right remedy on hand when needed. Helios pharmacy at and Hahnemann Labs at are two excellent homeopathic pharmacies that have reliable and quality made home remedy kits available for shipment.

Wishing you the best of health this Fall and Winter Season!

The Cold, Cough and Flu Season is Here! Homeopathy Can Help was Published in Twin Cities Naturally magazine – October 2008 By Aaron Means MA, Homeopathic Practitioner

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