Today, homeopathy is growing rapidly in popularity. Homeopathy is now “the second most common choice of alternative medicine in the world,” according to a recent survey from the World Health Organization. Even in the US homeopathy is becoming more and more well known and established. People are seeking homeopathic care, homeopathic schools are increasing, professionally trained homeopaths are in demand, and many healthcare professionals are learning about homeopathy.

Why such an interest? The results are in. People are simply getting better using homeopathy. Whether it is the past epidemics of flu and cholera, recent NIH research funded studies in fibromyalgia using homeopathy, or homeopaths with clinical evidence of people’s better health, homeopathy has a strong track record. It is based on clear and time-tested principles that have produced dependable results over the last 200 years, making it a form of healthcare that stands well on its own.

The benefits of homeopathy are far reaching. Simply put, it is safe, natural and effective. Homeopathy also stimulates the immune system, helps prevent illness, and supports the person as a whole rather than suppressing symptoms. Homeopathy also does not have side effects, so it is safe for babies, children, adults and seniors. It also can be used safely in conjunction with conventional medication.

Homeopathy also embraces the simplicity of patient centeredness and compassion, combined with deep listening and understanding. An initial two-hour consultation time is given to hear the full health concerns of each person and deeply understand their unique expression. Often people are not used to simply being heard, so the process of consultation in and of itself often provides a window to better self-understanding and for healing to begin.

Another unique and powerful benefit of homeopathy is its individualized approach to a person’s health. Each person is different and has a unique symptom expression. Therefore, the same diet, pill, exercise program, advice, or the same homeopathic remedy, is not necessarily effective for everyone. Each case requires individualization and time to understand the whole physical, mental and emotional symptom picture. Various areas of a person’s life are also explored, such as habits, food cravings, hobbies and interests, sleep, body temperature, traumas, fears and relationships. Everything is understood in relation to the whole. A homeopathic remedy is then chosen which closely matches the symptom picture to alleviate the intensity and frequency of the health concern(s).

Homeopathy also offers many practical benefits for the individual and family to consider in their healthcare process. Most importantly, homeopathy is cost effective, being much less expensive than conventional care and its medications. Homeopathic care is also not standardized, but provides an individual care plan and regular follow-ups that are modified according to the person’s needs. Homeopathy has dependable results with minimal intervention, so office visits are usually brief and scheduled between 1-6 months accordingly. Homeopathic care is also very accessible and convenient. Scheduling is easy and appointment availability is usually within the same week; long waits are not necessary. After hour’s calls and messages are also promptly returned by one’s homeopath.

Healing is at the heart of all the benefits of homeopathy. It deeply and gently heals both mind and body. As healing progresses under homeopathic care a person is able to handle problems with more ease and is not affected by the health problem as before. They become less limited on a physical, mental and emotional level. Essentially they become freer from the problem they came with and more free in general. This healing of suffering and increased freedom on all levels of a person is what is so powerful and heart warming to see as a homeopath.

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Aaron Means MA, is a homeopathic practitioner with a private practice at 1516 W Lake St in Minneapolis, MN. He welcomes adults and children of all ages. He is a graduate of the American Medical College of Homeopathy in Phoenix, AZ. Since 1994 he has studied and used homeopathy. To schedule a complimentary Q & A session and learn more about how homeopathy can help you, you may contact him at 651-328-4048, vist Homeopathic Health Services, or e-mail