If You Are Involved In Sales Or Marketing
In Any Way ...

Here Are Some
"Mental Performance" Statements
AKA: Positive Thinking Affirmations ...

You Can Use And Practice
To Put Yourself In A Comfortable Frame Of Mind,
Before Talking To Your Prospects ...
To Help You Get Started And To Stay Motivated.

· I'm A Master Of Marketing
· Talking To Prospects Is Easy For Me
· I'm Talking To A Friend
· I Really Care About This Person
· I'm Great At Asking Questions
· I'm A Wonderful Listener
· I'm Much Better Than An Ordinary Salesperson
· My Skills Go Far Beyond What A Salesperson Does
· I'm Caring, Real And Human
· I Want To Know Your Concerns
· If I Know Your Concerns, I Know What To Say To You
· I Want To Know What You Think
· I'm Great At Asking "What If?"
· I'm Unattached To Getting My Result
· I Imagine My Success
· I Feel My Success
· I Trust Myself
· I Trust Myself To Know What To Say
· I'm Ready To Share My Talents And Gifts With The World
· I Always Ask For The Business
· After Asking, I Shut Up & Wait
· I'm Grateful
· I'm Grateful That You're Taking The Time To Talk With Me
· I'm Grateful That You're Sharing Your Thoughts & Concerns
· I'm Grateful That You've Allowed Us To Have This Time Together
· The More No's I Get, The More Yes's I Know I Will Get
· I'm Really Good At What I Do
· I Love Talking To People
· Hearing The Word No, Energizes Me
· I Get Energized By "No" Because It Brings Me Closer To Hearing My Next "Yes"
· I Learn Something From Every Conversation
· I'm Getting Better & Better Each Time I Use Sunny's Method
· I'm Generous & Gracious
· It's Easy For Me To Tell People What I Want For Them
· It's Easy For Me To Tell Them What I Want For Myself
· It's Easy For Me To Ask For What I Want
· I'm Unattached From Hearing "Yes" Or "No", I Just Ask & Wait
· I'm Succeeding More & More With Every Call, Regardless Of The Outcome
· I Like This
· I'm Good At This
· I'm Going To Keep Going
· I'm Persistent
· I Believe In Myself
· I Believe In My Abilities
· I Believe In My Skills
· Everybody Likes Me
· Everybody Likes Me Whether They Know It Or Not
· The Entire Universe Loves Me
· I Love Myself
· I'm Proud Of Myself
· I'm Successful
· I'm Enthusiastic
· I'm Naturally Enthusiastic
· I'm Positive & Happy
· I'm On My Way
· I'm Enjoying The Journey
· I Can Do This

Recite These Statements Out Loud
OR Silently To Yourself
Right Before Making A Prospecting Call


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