Have you ever strongly identified with the emotions portrayed in an art piece viewed in a gallery, shop,or home?
Most of us have. We admire these pieces and buy them to give as gifts or to display in our homes. For years now, Artists have portayed their deepest emotions and shown us just what they were experiencing at different periods in their lives as reflected in their work. But up to this point, most Artists' Work has portrayed only one thing....the emotions of the Artist themselves.

But what if the Artwork in your life showed more than just the emotions of the Artist themselves? What if these pieces showed a picture of something much more personal...
...Your Own Emotions.

Through a new process called Heartwork, an individual can work with an Artist (Also referred to as a Heartwork Facilitator.) To create such a piece.

The process of Heartwork is a rapidly growing one that simply makes sense. The methods used in Heartwork are both Art Therapy and BioFeedBack combined achieveing astounding results. Each Facilitator is an Artist currently working in their field. The Facilitator uses the medium of their choice and sits with a client for approximately one hour (This also varies depending upon circumstances). An art piece can be created during the session or can be sketched out during the session and completed at a later time. The client is encouraged to talk openly about what it is that they are feeling, however, facilitators are often able to pick up on subtleties that are spoken and not realized by the client until reflected back to them in the finished Art Piece.

Once finished, the facilitator and client discuss the piece in front of them noticing any blockages or patterns that may exist. By simply looking at a piece one might notice thought patterns that have existed for years perhaps even manifesting in the body as chronic pain or illness. Often these thoughts were previously unrecognized by a client until receiving a Heartwork session.

Heartwork is not only a powerful process for healing but can also be used to create a thoughtful gift for another when the Emotions portrayed in a Heartwork session reflect feelings of appreciation or adoration toward the gift recipient.

So take the journey inward with a Heartwork facilitator today and come out the other side with the Masterpiece that is you.

For more information contact: www.Heartwork.us

Author's Bio: 

A lifetime artist, Writer and creator of the Heartwork process, It is my great desire to share the gift of Art as a powerful tool for self-realization, healing and growth.