We know as human beings that to be an adult is just to be a child that has grown old.
Inside our body we carry feelings; all of our memories. In some cases we are challenged by the corresponding elements of our environment in the guise of our children. If something has happened to you in your childhood it can reawaken in adult life when you have children. Usually it corresponds with the age that your child is at the moment you feel the fear. This is one thing to consider, because fear has a depth and breadth like no other when experienced by a child.

A child can be delivered to a position of fear very easily and the molding of that child's character will be affected from then on unless the primary source of the fear is dealt with or subdued.

In almost all cases parents will align their children and transfer their behaviors through modeling, so this makes us very responsible; all of us. Language is the last thing that is acknowledged. Actions, the encompassing gestures that are given by adults, model internal emotional parameters that a child assimilates on the level of intent.

At this point of development intent is tangible. The governing force of the constructs created by intent, engineer the internal workings to create a human being. Then when these internal workings manifest years later when the child has become an adult, the original parameters of that intent become internal foundations of the character and therefore hidden within the building blocks of the base plate imprint, and are converted into a force of momentum that is guided by society as a whole through acceptance.

A person’s primary objective is to traverse these original fields that sustain one’s present state of being. This within itself brings about the paralyzing feelings of fear through that exposure, and the way for this paralyzing exposure to be dissolved within the parameters of a new intent is to share the limitations of the fears felt with those who do not exchange, on the level of awareness, with the same cognitive boundaries of restriction.

Fear is a false barrier that we all must overcome. If you fear for your children, give that fear a voice. Speak it out loud. Usually a fear is a secret that sustains itself within the parameters of secrecy. Therefore step out of the boundaries that have been accepted by virtue of being in the parameters that fear has set forth for you.

Govern your life through practicalities. Be guided by practical processes. Slowly but surely simplify everything until everything is at its root core. Life is a process of undoing everything that has been done so that we may learn to be empty again, so that we can be at peace and the feelings resolved because we will not as individuals allow the negative voices to arise and be sustained.

Let them arise and refuse them. Examine them. Then learn not to give the energy to them. This is your energy that you need in order to exist as a human being with fulfillment and happiness.

And remember life is a continual challenge and this is the path that we all walk.

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Lujan Matus has been helping people to increase their emotional and spiritual awareness for over 25 years. He is the author of the book 'The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. He is available for private shamanic healing in Bali and Thailand.

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