I was in Kenya lately, visiting a Masai village when I heard a true story about one of the Masai tribesman in the village.

Here's how the story goes...

The Masai was walking from one village to another late at night, at about midnight. On the way, he met with a hungry lion.

The lion had one idea in mind: to make a meal of the
Masai tribesman.

The Masai tribesman had another idea: to kill the lion.

Because the Masai men in this region of Africa must kill a lion to gain status as a man, this particular Masai had met with a lion before. Perhaps more than one.

So on this particular night, with this particular lion, there was no hesitation in the mind of the Masai: he commenced to bravely protecting himself from the lion's attack.

He and the lion fought for over half an hour.

As I listened to Wilson, our guide, recount this story, I found it completely fascinating, partly because I'm from New York City, where the only wild attacks at night were usually between one human and another. That I'm used to. Wild animal attacks at night are completely out of my realm of experience.

As the Masai fought the lion, he sustained injuries from the lion's paws and claws that caused massive bleeding.

Nevertheless, on the plains of Masai Mara that dark night, the Masai tribesman was victorious: he killed the lion.

What's the significance of this story for you? Why do you care about what happens to a Masai tribesman who's quite possibly on the other side of the world?

First, this story reminds us that we each have our lions to face. The lions are not the roaming around kind that hunt us in the night. They are of the mental and emotional sort, which can be the most difficult to manage.

There is the hungry lion of lack and limitation. This brand of beast is especially ferocious, making serious attacks on our faith and fortitude.

There's the hungry lion of pride and better-than. This is a fierce monster who has the capacity to easily eats folks alive, swallowing them whole, especially when we forget God.

There's the hungry lion of fear and withering. This is a lion that keeps many of us locked in self-imposed prisons of faint-heartedness when we really should be out doing something big and bold.

There's the hungry lion of confusion, ignorance and claiming we are unclear, or that we don't know what to do. This is a nasty beast, because it has the ability to paralyze. A confused mind says no. An effective antidote is to remember a line from A Course in Miracles:

"God is not the author of confusion. You are."

I remind myself of this often, especially when I think I'm unclear and when I claim I don't know what to do.

These are just some of the hungry lions I've met on the path of spiritual growth, as I move from one village, on a lower plane of consciousness, to another village, on a higher plane.

There's no end to the unique brand of fears we as humans can create, all with the express purpose of keeping us out of greatness. If unchecked, these inner fears turn into ferocious, hungry beasts that meet us as we attempt to travel from one place in our lives to a better destination.

Yet, you were created to be the Master of your domain, not prey.

You were created to be victorious in all your Spirit-led undertakings, not to be one who runs and hides in fear.

You were created to be the Victorious One who vanquishes all
fears you meet in the night, not the other way around.

Which of your lions have you faced?

Who won?


Or your lions?

Either way, it's all good. We learn much from every encounter with our uniquely created inner beasts. We learn how to draw closer to God, because we become alarmingly aware, in the moment of attack, that we are completely powerless on our own. While under attack, we become aware of a Supernatural Presence within
that can easily slay the most ferocious enemy.

With our Creator as our Protector, Guide, Source & Strength, we have no question that we shall be just as victorious over our inner beasts as the Masai tribesman was that night, when the hungry lion lost the last fight of his life.

Fear not.

This is the most often repeated phrase in the Bible. No wonder. The lions are always on the prowl. Are you facing yours with the knowing that you are invincible because your trust and faith are wholly in the Spirit of Life which created you?

Be courageous and bold as you face your lions, and may all of them cower when they see you coming.

God bless,
Valerie Love

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Valerie Love is an inspirational author and speaker who teaches the art and science of designing a life you love in 7 key areas and living destiny with passion and power. Discover how to create your destiny at http://www.LiveYourDestinyToday.com