Having a dream means having a goal or a vision. It also means seeing your hopes fulfilled. Success then, is the realization of your dream.

If you have a dream, you have a passion, a burning desire to see your dream come true. While you work toward the realization of your dream time goes by without noticing, work is something you enjoy doing and you forget the world around you. When you wake up in the morning, it does not matter whether it is a sunny or a rainy day. You see every new day as an opportunity to take you closer to you goal.

What other people say or think about your dream becomes irrelevant. You simply know that you’re going in the right direction. Because you’re inspired you feel a constant flow of energy. If you feel this way, you have defined your dream and maybe your destiny. The only other ingredient to fulfill your dream is persistence.

If you have not found your dream yet, that’s ok. Just keep thinking, dreaming and be receptive to new ideas. There is no hurry and no pressure. One day your dream will come. And once you find it, make a commitment to yourself to follow your dream.

It is the path of discovery of what we were born to do in this world that makes life such a wonderful and interesting adventure.

“When you’re inspired with a dream, God has hit the ball into your court. Now you have to hit it back with commitment”, Robert H. Schuller

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Marc Frey has published several articles on how our thoughts affect our behavior. He and his team at Inspirized have spent years on researching both positive and negative cognitive and behavioral patterns and developed a unique and effective mind training approach. To learn more about how to train your mind to succeed visit inspirized.com.