There are thought forms in the collective mind that you can use to empower a most magical set of manifestations.

I am writing to you today to convey thought forms to you that are so well defined, so concise, and so clear that if you connect with them you can enjoy a most marvelous success using mind power to focus your thoughts and materialize a good life.

Even though I have spent decades practicing and teaching life coaching and using mind power to form thoughts to consciously create success for myself and tens of thousands of other people around the world it was only a few weeks ago that I put two things together that made an explosion in my own work so devastatingly awesome that all that I was doing before shattered and is now re-assembling in a new and better structure.

This new structure is so much more potent for manifesting and it is so much simpler. Why? Because it uses resources meaning thought forms that are already out there! For so long it has been about forming and focusing my own thoughts and those of my clients into the imagination of what they desire to manifest.

Yet now I realize just like people in business recommend to use OPM (other people's money) in the art and science of manifesting we can use other people's thoughts!

There is a collective bank of thoughtforms that is out there in the atmosphere that we are already tuned in to. The idea of having a million dollars in your bank accounts? That was not your idea now was it?

And what about the idea of having total health, and the ideal romantic, sexual relationship? The car of your dreams?

Think about it. These are thought forms. Thoughts are what creates the world according to the wisdom of Buddha. Do you fight against the collective thought form to have a million dollars or are you into having that for you?

My experience tells me that we fight it. We feel it out there, but we do not let it be connected to us personally. Now imagine if all these things were actually yours and tell me if you would say yes to all of this or part of this?

1. You own your dream car fully paid.

2. You have a million dollars in your bank account.

3. True love's kiss brings two together as one living happily ever after forever together.

4. You have a dream career that expresses who you are.

5. You own a dream home, fully paid.

6. You own your dream wardrobe.

7. You are totally healthy. Emotionally, physically, mentally.

8. You have delicious, beautiful, nutritious food at every meal.

9. All doors of education are open to you. Your thirst for information and knowing is always satisfied on every subject. Spiritually you are in touch with inner knowledge and the Divine wisdom.

10. You are in good standing in society and with your government and environment. All the air, water, and earth on the planet is clean.

11. You have mutually rewarding and satisfying relationships with friends, associates, and relatives.

12. You have a completed list of things you have accomplished that makes you proud of yourself.

Would you say yes to this total package manifested now for you? Do you recognize that these are things that almost everyone would like to have as a life experience? Let me tell you a big secret. Those words, are all thought forms. Whatever you focus on you attract more and more of it into your life.

How about if from now on in addition to whatever else you are trying to make happen in your life you realize and accept that these common thoughtforms are your dreams too? Make them yours personally. And then make them come true? Thought power really does work.

I hope this article has helped you to see something that was right there all along that can make your manifesting success soar. Just focus on the collective "dream package" and enjoy the results!

Author's Bio: 

Jorj Elprehzleinn is a happy spiritual being having a human experience in the material world. His techniques, insights, and assistance in the formal application of mind power to improve personal life and the world in general are based on a lifetime of research and personal experience and aptitude in the right use of thought and mind power.

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