As we embark on the holidays this year, it is a happy time of the year for many of us. We celebrate the themes peace on Earth, goodwill to men, generosity, kindness and compassion. For most of us that means giving gifts to our friends and family, the camaraderie of the office Christmas party, sharing holiday dinner with our loved ones, being kind to ornery Aunt Agatha and dropping a dollar into the Salvation Army collection box. That’s where our holiday spirit begins and ends because of our busy lives, taken up with so much more.

But this year, you have an opportunity to do something really meaningful. And it only takes a few minutes and no money at all! You can send a gift to the planet and the millions who are living on it with little hope of a happy holiday. You can create, gift wrap and send your Vision—your intention for a joyful, abundant, environmentally healthy world.

Our Visions our powerful things! They are the keys to Consciously Creating our personal destiny and shaping the future of the planet. That is because our thoughts and emotions are more than just ideas and momentary feelings. They are energy. They are vibrations that we cast out into the world…either loving and kind, benevolent high vibration frequencies that create a safe, prosperous, loving, munificent world; or they can be fear-driven, angry, guilt-ridden, low frequencies that poison ourselves, our loved ones and friends, and the Earth.

With every emotion we feel or thought we hold, we send out energy that either contributes to the construction or destruction of the peaceful world for which most of us yearn. It is through our vision, the tool of our imagination, that we emit the energies that transform. Through the harnessing of joyful imaging, creating loving mind pictures of a kinder world, we transform and replace the negative, low frequency energies that have dominated the past. This is because high frequency energies are far more powerful than their opposite. These energies resonate with the Universe’s desire to give mankind the peace and contentment it desires.

Therefore our challenges at this holiday are twofold:

· To begin monitoring our thoughts, deeds and emotions, and consciously change those that do not serve us or the world. Thus ensuring that we contribute only positive energy to the Universe.

· To make time to specifically create Visions the will manifest the new reality we desire—to hold in our hearts and minds the planet where there really is peace on Earth, goodwill to man.

So, let us offer a Vision that can be a chorus for mankind this holiday season. When you sing your next Christmas Carol or hum the Dreidel Song, take few minutes to say these words in reverence, too, and place yourself in the emotional space of actually living in this joyful world. Revel in the emotions of being there! Your emotions are like the wrapping that completes the gift to the Universe and gives it the power to unfold. Then truly belief it can come forth.

Vision for Our Holiday Gift to the Earth

On this day, we give thanks for a world of incredible peace, where only people’s voices ring out, not guns, where love abounds everywhere. Just see the kindness and compassion between people wherever we look! It’s amazing to see families united in love, forgiving the breaches that have kept them apart. Now look over there and see two former enemies working together in respect and affection. Observe the people of different races and backgrounds agreeing on new ways to make their community a place of prosperity. See leaders speaking truths that unite instead of divide. How fantastic to note financially successful people creating opportunities and helping to uplift the poor, and to see the poor prosper and rising into the ranks of the middle class. We are so grateful for the abundant food on EVERYONE’S table and the solid well-crafted roofs over their heads. Hear the joyful voices of all the world’s children who are reading books and writing beautiful words, skills that they can learn in high quality schools that are free to attend. Let’s celebrate the world’s prosperity, where monies are now spent on increasing quality of life for everyone and that growing abundance enables quality time for spirit, play, family and joyful surrender. And as we sit toasty in our homes in the Northern Hemisphere and enjoying the beauty of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, we are so appreciative of all the new forms of sustainable energy that are preserving our environmental balance. We feel blessed by the planet’s return to climate balance, the restoration of the animal populations, the healthy slowing of man’s birthrate, the protection and preservation of our natural resources, the creative and sustainable ways that new life has been breathed into our cities and suburbs. Oh what a glorious time to live! Our Earth is again breathing clearly and protected by its healthy shell of ozone. It feels safe and empowered with the spirit of goodness and positive energy suffused into it by the all of the world’s peoples. We are one with a peaceful and bountiful Universe!

Make this Vision--or one of your own creation--a new part of your annual holiday ritual and know that you are helping to manifest a loving and peaceful planet. Happy holidays to you and Earth!

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Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World." Sign up at to learn how you can become a master manifestor!

Lapin is also the founder of United World Healing, an organization dedicated to harnessing the conscious intent of people and organizations globally to synergistically create a healthy, compassionate world. On Nov. 9, United World Healing will hold its first worldwide online "Vision-In" for healing the world and manifesting a better future. Join Now to Start Changing the World! To join or receive the daily vision by email, just click on