I was discussing the importance of meditation the other day, and it dawned me that I should discuss the importance of this practice with you. Now, I know some of you are going to say, meditation, what is he talking about now? But, trust me, many of you who question this ancient practice are the ones that need it most. You see, with the ever-increasing frenetic pace of life, many people are running themselves ragged, mindlessly going from one task to the next with no purpose or vision for their life in sight, leaving them unfulfilled and unhappy.

The big problem here is that many individuals never know nor choose to take an introspective look at the causes of their unfulfillment and unhappiness. Instead, we tend to add more of life's distractions (like being overly consumed by the desire for unnecessary exorbitantly priced material items or engaging in activities not conducive to aligning ourselves with our true purpose) to our life, believing they will fill the void that unfulfillment and unhappiness inevitably brings. However, this practice actually adds to our life's frenetic pace, all the while taking us deeper into despair and further away from our true purpose on earth.

Sadly, many of us never take time out to inspire, feed, heal and grow the mind (our intellectual entity that has the ability to create or recreate our reality), soul (our spiritual/formless essence that connects the mind and the body--without the acknowledgment of the feelings that the soul emits there will always be a disconnect between the mind and the body), and body (our physical entity that executes the mind's intentions in the physical world) through meditation (the act of gaining clarity, unifying, and aligning one's mind, soul, and body with one's life vision by expelling life's distractions from the mind and soul by focusing on creating a crystal clear plan for achieving what one wants out of life).

Meditation requires that you block out the distractions of life (any thoughts, ideas, and feelings that are not conducive to creating and pursuing your life's vision). This means you have to tune out the world in order to engage in this activity. Meditation allows the mind, body, and soul to converge as one by focusing each entity into one all encompassing objective (the creation and fulfillment of your life's vision). Meditation allows the mind to relax as one focuses on inspirational goals, expelling (even if just for the duration of the meditation) life's many distractions. Meditation allows the mind, body, and soul to rejuvenate and nurture themselves by providing positive goal oriented inspiration. Finally, meditation allows the mind and soul to grow and create as new thoughts, views, and insights that are beneficial to the creation and fulfillment of one's life's vision are integrated, incorporated, and developed. With all of these benefits, it is no wonder that many people around the world make meditation a part of their daily lives. For example, I use meditation to keep my mind focused on the goals that I need to accomplish in order to achieve my life's vision. This provides my life with a sense of focus, clarity, and power that most individuals do not have. This is not to say that only certain individuals have access to the benefits of meditation, while others don't. No, not at all, we all have access to the kind of synergy, clarity, focus, and power that meditation provides. The problem is that many of us are unknowingly, nevertheless continually allowing the distractions of the world to dominate and clutter our minds with ideas, thoughts, and feelings that are not conducive to creating and fulfilling our life's vision. Basically, many of us are not taking control of our mind by uncluttering it, just as one would when one takes out the trash.

But, how does one meditate? The primary tenet of meditation: Quieting your mind by mastering the art of focusing.

Focus on what you want for your life and what you need to do to accomplish it.

Allow your mastery of the art of focusing to quiet your mind and push away all other thoughts that are not conducive to the creation and pursuit of your life's vision.

Allow your mastery of the art of focusing to quiet your mind so that you can create a crystal clear mental picture of what you want out of life.

Allow your mental picture to play in your mind like a record skipping on an old record player until you obtain that which you want out of life. When you initially begin meditating it will be difficult to quiet your mind. This is because you probably have never done it before and/or are still immersed in life's distractions. So to get started, you may find that you have to separate yourself from the distractions of outside world (including, but not limited to family, friends, chores, and work related activities...). Go to a quiet place in your home or office. Relax by slowing down your thoughts (concentrating on slowing down your breathing helps). When you are relaxed, immediately begin to create mental images of what you want your life to look like in as much detail as possible (including what you want to be, and what you want). I can't stress enough to be as clear as possible in creating this mental picture, all the while developing the art of focusing to expel and keep out distracting thoughts, ideas, and feelings from your mind, body, and soul. Start out with 10 minutes a day. As your mind begins to unclutter and your life's vision begins to gain clarity, increase your session from 10 to 15 minutes a day. Now, I know that because of our busy lives, some of you will claim that you can't find the time to engage in this practice consistently, but do realize that this is for the benefit of your life. If you don't work to improve your life, become fufilled and happy, who will? So, please, remove the "lack of time" conversation from your mind. Trust me, you have more than enough time to improve your life.

Now, when you get to the mastery level of meditating, finding time becomes a non-issue because you will have developed the ability to mediate anywhere, at any time, and in most conditions. Over time, you will find that your mind, body, and soul have become one entity, with the sole purpose of fulfilling your life's vision. Now, how did this occur you may ask? Through your mastery of meditation, you have reprogrammed your mind (which informs the feelings of your soul, which in turns allows your body to take the mind's desired actions in the physical world) to create and fulfill your life's vision. You have trained your mind, body, and soul to expel and not let in useless thoughts, ideas, and feelings into your being or space. This will provide you with a focus, clarity, and power that others do not possess. Your being has now become powerfully aligned with your life's vision. A miracle isn't it? No, not really, just hard work.

Try meditation, it really does work.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Barrett has an earned PhD in applied management and decision sciences, with a specialization in leadership and organizational change. He also holds a MS in organizational leadership and a BS in organizational management. In addition to these degrees, Dr. Barrett has completed several executive certificates focusing on various areas of management and leadership development.

Dr. Barrett is proud of his academic accomplishments, as they are the product of his long and sometimes difficult journey out of poverty. Along his journey, Dr. Barrett served honorably in the U.S. Air Force, participating in several vital overseas operations in the Middle East and Europe. He has also taught organizational leadership courses at the graduate degree level at Mercy College. This desire to develop leadership whether it be in myself or others is what drives Dr. Barrett. Dr. Barrett currently lives in NYC, where he runs The Barrett Center for Leadership Development, LLC and produces The Barrett Leadership Blog.