When you are having an argument with your partner, it is a test on how strong your relationship really is. Unfortunately, there are many people who just brush off arguments without really knowing the consequences that may result from it.

There are two types of arguments: those that seem to disappear, and those that are ongoing.

Arguments that seem to disappear are the ones that come and go. They are rarely handled because they are so minor.

Even when arguments are small and minor, it is still best to work on them.

Here's why:

1. You avoid any re-occurrence of the argument in the future- Repeated arguments happen. Work on them now so it wouldn't be an issue later.

2. You stop them from building into more or bigger arguments- There may be times when you are so mad at your partner that you bring up non-relevant issues. It's an ego thing. Your ego could be so high that when you feel like you're "losing" an argument, you bring something else up. You argue about something you feel you can "win" at. Doing that may make your partner even more frustrated.

Arguments that are ongoing are problematic because ego's and emotions get sky high. They are also the cause for so many breakups. Here's how you could handle them:

1. Learn to communicate with your partner. By attempting to talk with your partner, you're trying to break the silence. That's the power of communication. You can make or break a relationship based on it.

*Also please note that when you do communicate, express your feelings without trying to start an argument. Let her know how you feel about the situation. Then listen to what she has to say. Don't interrupt or roll your eyes. Remember: you are trying to ignite that spark again in your relationship....not in the argument.

2. Take accountability. As an extension to the tip above, learn how to admit your faults. If you're responsible for the cause of the argument, take accountability and admit that you're wrong. It will show that you're willing to put your ego aside.

Whether your arguments are big or small, problematic or minor, work on them now so they don't ruin your relationship later.

So the next time you think about brushing off another minor argument, you may want to think again. You may find that even the smallest argument needs to be discussed.

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