In regards to success and your MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales business, we want you to imagine the following: you are currently on the shore of a large lake (say one-mile wide) and success as you’ve imagined it when you joined your company (whatever level of achievement ‘success’ means to you) is on the other shore.

Here’s a good question for you: how will you get there? We’ll look at our favorite answer in a minute, but first, let’s see what many hardworking networkers and distributors tend to do when they just get started on this shore.

They’re walking back and forth along the lake, looking for various modes of transportation that could be available to them: canoes, kayaks, rowboats, rafts, dinghies, yacht, etc. They’re looking for the ONE that will take them safely across to the other side, to success. And hopefully, the ONE will be inexpensive, easy and fast—and effortless would be even better.

We feel sorry for those poor misguided folks because we think they’re doomed. Unless they change their approach and their attitude, they will stay on this shore forever. Or they’ll make it part-way across the lake, and sink.

We’ve never watched the TV show The Amazing Race, but we’ve seen the previews. What we’ve noticed is that to win the race and get the prize—aka ‘success’—the participants need to do many things (walk, run, jump, swim, dig, etc.) and use many ‘tools’—train, plane, taxi, motorcycle, bicycle, kayak, camel—to get from the starting point to the finish line.

And you and we know that if they were to walk around the starting point for a while and try to pick ONE easy, effortless, simple ‘tool’ to do the whole race and win, they’d be doomed to fail. They know that to win, they’ll have to use a wide variety of tools and perform a wide array of tasks. It’s a given.

Same thing for MLM networkers. If you want to succeed at this, if you want to get across the lake, you will need to use a wide variety of tools and perform a wide array of tasks.

By the way, did we tell you what the name of that lake is? It’s called Lake Education. Lake Education is what stands between where you are today—on THIS shore—and where you want to be—the OTHER shore. You want to succeed? You need to cross Lake Education, plain and simple.

And we’re here to tell you there is NO single ‘tool’ that will take you across. You need to use many. Contrary to popular belief, there are no speedboats available. In fact, there are no canoes, no rowboats, no kayaks either; the only things available to you are inflatable rubber boats. The bad news is; no oars. The good news is; there are thousands of them available to you. All you have to do is use them intelligently.

How? Well, you start by securing one to THIS shore where you are. Then you attach a second one to the first one, and a third, and a fourth, and so on. It’ll take a while, but if you repeat the process often enough, you’ll eventually get to the other side.

Of course, talking about rubber boats is for illustration purposes only. But what do these represent in the real world of MLM business? They are books, ezines, books, newsletters, books, teleclasses, eBooks, articles, books, special reports, eCourses, teleseminars, books, boot camps, recorded calls, webinars, live seminars, more books, software, conferences, conventions, etc. Did we mention books in that list?

The folks running the Amazing Race know that they need to use many tools to win. There’s NO other way. It’s the same for you and your MLM business. The sooner you get that, the sooner you’ll reach the other side. Stop looking for the ‘one’ that will do it for you, that will ‘save’ you, that will carry you away in comfort to the other side, to success.

Here’s the key to success in two simple words: earn it! Get ALL the education you can on marketing, advertising, copywriting, prospecting, sponsoring, interviewing, training, etc.

Does it work? You bet it does. It did for us. By any standard, we are very successful in the Direct Sales / Network Marketing industry. We attribute our success to five main factors;
-an awesome package to offer our leads (company, product, compensation plan),
-an intense core desire to succeed,
-the fact that we’re helping a lot of people improve their lives,
-working hard but more importantly, working smart, and,
-constant education.

For example, we recently needed to add one more ‘rubber boat’ to get closer to the other shore: Google AdWords. So what did we do? We bought three (THREE) programs from three Google AdWords gurus, for a cost of over $200. Why three? Because although 80% of the content in each program was the same as in the other two, 20% of each program presented original ideas, suggestions, tricks and tips.

The result? Within a week after educating ourselves thoroughly on how to submit and manage AdWords campaigns, we doubled the number of visits to one of our websites. A very wise investment of resources indeed.

Our advice is this; find as many tools as you can, buy them, learn from them, implement the lessons (remember that the goal of education is not knowledge but ACTION), work your butts off, and we’ll see you—and celebrate your success with you—on the other side.

Have an amazing journey!

I wish you ALL the business success you desire and deserve. Remember that the success you desire is function of your ambition, but the success you deserve is function of your ACTION!

Daniel G. St-Jean
BizzBooster, and The Sparkplug of Personal Development
Author of 7 Simple Keys To Spark Change In Your Life Now!
Co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life – volume 2

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