Did you know that gray eye shadow is super wearable and even sophisticated? You can wear it alone as a soft wash across your eyelid or pair with another color to really open up your eyes. It works well for daytime and amp it up for night time play.
When you think of gray eye shadows one would usually think it is for only smoky eyes, but not true! With so many different shades of gray there is, the possibilities are endless of what you can do with it! You can use it wet or dry. Instead of wearing black eye liner opt for a steel metal gray that opens up your eyes without being too harsh.

Take three shades of gray that work great each other and have fun! Mix and match, pastels and deep rich shades of gray, or trade out the deep rich gray for a chocolate brown.
Start off by applying a soft wash of gray all over the lid all the way up to your brow-line.
Then take you a medium shade of gray, apply it from the lash line to the crease. If daytime stay light handed with the color, nighttime feel free to go darker.

Take the third shade of gray and load up your brush and press the color into your crease moving from the outer to the inner corner. Blend the deeper shade so that it extends a bit above and below the crease. When using mineral eye shadows you press or pat the color onto your lid or it tends to go everywhere! And also remember when using Overall Beauty minerals eye shadows a little go a long way!

When you have the eye shadow colors looking like you like, now its time to apply your eye liner. Daytime you can go without eyeliner but night time, you need eyeliner!
Not everyone can pull off wearing eye liner so try this simple trick with applying it.

Using your non-dominant hand, start by gently stretching the outer corner of the lash line, angling it up slightly to separate your lashes. Anchor your elbow of your dominant hand on a table, and using your pencil draw tiny dots of color between your individual lashes. If you are applying your eyeliner wet, then using a flat end brush apply your wet eyeliner the same way as before only place the flat end brush at the base of your lashes and draw out. You can also place your ring finger and the crease of your eye lid and pulling up so slightly till you see the base of your eye lashes and then apply the wet eyeliner there. It helps make your eyelashes look fuller and darker without looking like you are wearing eyeliner. You need a eyeliner that is waterproof for that tip.

Curl your eyelashes because this simple tip opens up your eyes! Apply your mascara in two coats and there you go! But if you really want those eyes to stand out, don’t forget your Magic Lash when applying your mascara. Full lush lashes are a must!
With the softer shades of gray eye shadows, you can wear lip sticks or lip glosses with more color than if you are going for the smoky eyes look. The reason is smoky eyes stand out best with nude lips, soft sheer shades of gray can take the color.

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