How much happiness is there in a piece of paper with the word "happiness" printed upon it?It depends on the person who holds that piece of paper...

How much value is there in a 100 dollar bill?
Same thing...
If you think you're poor and have just enough to make ends meet, an unexpected 100 dollar bill is very valuable.If you believe you're rich and more money is coming to you all the time, an unexpected 100 dollar bill is appreciated, but not crucial.

So, it depends on the person...
But it also depends on what's going around that person.For example:

In the "real world", we expect to pay a certain price for the goods we receive: tickets, books, doctor's advice etc. Not so on the Internet. Here many people expect - more or less -these goods to be offered for free.

But I wonder what happens to us, to our perception of our own value, when we read these words again and again and again:"take it, it's free", "it's worth 100$ but you get it free","you don't have to pay".

We might be paying a high price!
Not right away, not in terms of dollars. But in terms of our own value.

If the approach is honest, you will understand that the free offer is an invitation to exchange something. For example,you give me a possibility to share my expertise in some area, which then leads you to buy a certain product, which you really enjoy, just as I enjoy the extra income - plus we both enjoy the sharing, the interaction. We are both being enriched.

Let's now say I consistently give you something for free, without acknowledging that I also receive. Why would I do that you wonder (consciously or not)? There can only be one explanation: we have nothing to exchange. You will feel you have nothing of value to give me. Just as I will feel my product or service is not worth paying for. We will both become poor in the process.

Money is about exchange, relationships and appreciation. Although temporarily attached to certain pockets, purses and bank accounts, money is flowing all the time. It is always in motion.

In that sense, when you spend money, you add to the whole, you energize the flow, you enable the society and its members to take part in the exchange.

What is your attitude towards spending?
Do you enjoy it?
Fear it?
Control it?
How do you feel about spending money?

Again, when accepting payment, you are not just taking something for yourself. You enable the flow, the movement can continue, enriching you as well as everybody else that is part of it.

So how do you feel about accepting money?
Do you feel good when you accept payment?
Do you accept payments as big as they should be?
Do you know how to set a price on your work or your goods?
Would you accept payment from a friend?

Saying "spending is a way of adding to the abundance of all" is not quite correct. It would be more precise to say, that by spending and accepting money you share the abundance that is around you.

Wealth is a state of mind. It is seeing the wealth around you and connecting to it.

Wealth is like love. The more you give, the more you receive. But then -you can't give love really and you can't keep it either. Love doesn't belong to anybody. Love is free. Love is a feeling, an energy, an awareness. Love is something that connects us and unites us - if we let it. It's the same with wealth.

Love is right here where you are, endlessly. But you can keep it at a certain distance. We all do that to some degree, for our own reasons. The reason can be called an obstacle, a blocker. An experience, a thought, a feeling that stands between you and the endless abundance (of love or money).

The blocker can make you feel that there's no love (or money) available to you. It can prevent you from receiving it,or from enjoy giving it.

That's OK. It still can't prevent you from looking beyond the blocker.Let's take a look then... What is there? What is really there?

If you experience some imbalance, some lack of money in your life, think about this again ('cause it's a fact): You live in an abundant world. Think about all the billions of dollars flowing all around the world. All the gold, all the diamonds, all the big houses, all the luxury cars, all the fortunes... :-)

If you experience that none of it is available to you,then... you're "normal" :-))
Just kidding... If you experience that none of it is available to you, then there must be something standing between you and all these riches. It's a blocker. What is it? And how do you transform it in a way that is in integrity with yourself, spiritually, personally, vocationally and financially?

That's what the Abundance Manifesting Process is about. More about that at

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