This is a beautiful 11th step prayer. Although compact and seemingly simple, it is one of the purest ways of working this step. In the first part, "God, help me to go from where I am," I am strengthening my conscious contact as I partner with my Higher Power and invite Him to guide me on my spiritual journey.

The second part, "to where I need to be," reveals the wisdom of this prayer as it shows that I have truly turned the result of my journey over to God. Like all great spiritual treatments, the power here comes from me getting out of the way - thus removing my limited thinking and self will - and allowing God's limitless power and infinite resources to do for me what I can't do for myself.

The last part, "for who I am" reinforces the power of faith. Trusting that God's ultimate knowledge and will for me will reveal my true purpose gives me the greatest gift of all - a real chance at the fulfillment, peace and happiness I seek.

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