"Survive" or "Thrive"...which concept appeals to you? If you want to merely survive life and a mediocre existence is acceptable, don't bother reading any further. But if you prefer to thrive and experience the best life has to offer, read on! The following guide will help you achieve whatever goals your imaginative mind can create!

1) ASK AND WRITE IT DOWN - If you don't ask, how do you expect to receive? Have you ever said to someone you love "what's wrong?", and they reply "nothing", but it's obvious something's on their mind? How frustrating is that? Maybe our creator feels the same way about us? Putting our goal into words can help us figure out if it is truly something we want and then process all the feelings that come up. If you are struggling to ask, you need to examine the reasons. Could you feel unworthy or unable to succeed, or do you fear failure or rejection? The best way to ask is to write it down. The most successful people in the world practice this philosophy. Writing it down will help you identify all the positive and negative thoughts attached to the goal so you can begin to embellish the positive thoughts and purge the negative thoughts.

2) DIFFERENTIATE THE VOICES - 2 voices will struggle to be heard when we make a proclamation. One is the Spirit and the other is the Ego. The Spirit says "You can do it, you have what it takes, everything is possible". The Ego says "that's impossible, you can't do it, you're greedy, you're not smart enough". Stifle the Ego and feed the Spirit. Reaffirm the things the Spirit in you says by saying them out loud or putting them on sticky notes and hanging them around your house, car and office.

3) ALLOW - Once you've written your goal and you feel good about it and have eliminated doubts, now it's time to detach yourself from the end result. This means, don't dwell on the outcome or don't become addicted to it. Addiction to outcomes only brings out a feeling of lack which will put a wedge between you and your goal. You've asked for it, you've written it down, now surrender the rest to your Spirit and let it provide the steps. Your Spirit may very well have something much better in mind for you than what you have written and if you are too attached to what you want, you may lose out on the bigger picture.

4) VISUALIZE IT - This is an amazing way to make your goal a reality. Visualizing it is like tube feeding your Spirit. Visualize yourself having or doing what ever it is you wrote down as if you already have it. If you want to become a parent, visualize yourself beaming with pride holding a new born baby. If you want to win a race, visualize yourself crossing the finish line and collecting your trophy. If you want to become wealthy, visualize yourself surrounded by the finer things. How do you visualize? Here are 3 examples: a) create a mental picture of yourself with your goal achieved and hold that picture in your mind for several minutes each day; b) be artistic - get a poster board and cover it with images (photos or drawings) and words that are associated with your goal; c) write a letter dated one year from today in which you congratulate yourself for accomplishing your goal.

5) EXPECT MIRACLES - Once you've completed steps 1 - 5, keep your eyes, ears and mind open to all the things that WILL occur. If you don't notice anything, its because you aren't looking hard enough! The universe has all kinds of messengers. Animals or numbers that persistently show up may have a message for you. You may connect with someone new who will provide an answer to a question, or give you the nudge you need to take a necessary step towards your goal. There are no mistakes! Enjoy the synchronicity you will experience! It's inspiring! But don't stop here...

6) ACT ON IT - The miracles you begin to experience are like doors opening. But if you don't WALK through the doors, you won't accomplish anything! In other words, wishful thinking is great, but now you need to act! Create action steps for your self. Take at least 1 step each week towards getting closer to achieving your goal. Is there someone who's done this before that you can contact? Is there a book you should read that can help? Is there something in your life you need to change or move out of the way in order to achieve your goal? Do you need someone to hold you accountable to keep moving forward, like a coach or mentor? Taking constant steps not only builds momentum but expands your comfort zone and empowers you to continue! You will find your confidence level soars with each action step you complete.

7) STAY POSITIVE AND GRATEFUL - No matter what happens, keep your mind in as positive a place as possible. Stock pile some things that help you feel inspired (motivational books, movies and audios, or music that pumps you up, or stuff that makes you laugh). Remember, things are not always as they seem! If something appears to be going, it could just be your perception. Don't lose faith; just stay positive! One certain way to keep your mind in a positive place is to say "thanks" even when things appear chaotic or confusing. A grateful attitude is proof to the universe that you trust the process and trusting the process makes for a smoother and more enjoyable adventure.

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Lynette Landing is an enthusiastic speaker, author, personal development coach, business owner and professional member of the Natl Speakers Assoc. Lynette is an authority on personal empowerment; specifically building self esteem, overcoming strife, goal setting and expanding one's comfort zone. Once a penniless, single mom forced from her home, Lynette abandoned her complete lack of self-worth and became engrossed with studying the habits of leaders, self-made successes and entrepreneurs. She developed her own life-changing tricks to creating a successful life. Today she helps others to set and surpass their own goals by bringing her motivational message to individuals and groups. Lynette's company, Look for the Sun ((www.lookforthesun.com) offers a variety of empowering teleconferences, workshops, individual and group coaching on or off site. Her classes offer simple, yet memorable strategies for mastering new personal and professional heights. Visit her website (www.lookforthesun.com) for a FREE "Life is Easy" pass!