“Going that extra step” is an incredible concept to put into practice today with every facet of your life. It is the difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary. That extra step is what separates the average player from the WINNERS.

I have been in sales most of my life. I always tried to take that extra step that would make me stand out from my competition. It was the quick thank you note after a great meeting, or that one extra follow-up call to be sure all their questions were answered or just that little bit of extra enthusiasm that I put into the presentation that I had been preparing for the entire week. This is what separates us from our competition – and believe me it does. We all have a choice – either just going through the motions with your every day jobs or give that little extra in order to establish that rapport with your client that makes them a life long client. We all have experienced those who have given us that little extra attention that their competitor did not and THAT is the reason we did business with them.

In my life, I have studied many personal development programs. One of the goals has been to learn how to become a winner in life. One of the easiest ways, and I believe a most important way, to become a winner is learning the” art of listening”. Not just hearing – but actually listening to what others have to say and understanding their message. Remember, people will feel your confidence when they know you are listening. They will want to be around you and do business with you.

As you progress through your life’s journey towards fulfilling your WHY, you need to constantly go that extra step. The true sign of a winner-to-be is just when it seems impossible to give that extra push; they are the ones who dig down deep to fulfill their Why. A small improvement each day over a long period of time will produce outstanding results toward achieving your dreams. If you don’t know your “why” yet, you may want to consider entering into a personal development program. It is truly amazing how your life can be enriched.

Now that you know the benefit of going that extra step, you need to ask yourself a question … “What can I do today and every day with a little more effort to move me into the winner’s circle?” You know that someone has to be in the winner’s circle. “Why not make it you?”

Investing in yourself today, will be tomorrow’s success”

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About the Author: Sheri Falcone is a novice author, student of personal growth, and entrepreneur who enjoys helping others become truly empowered and achieve their dreams. She has turned her passion into a lucrative personal development, home business, www.setnolimits.info. This business system provides all the tools you will need to create greater prosperity and joy in your life. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she believes laughter and appreciation are our emotional healers.