“Going Green” according to Wikipedia.com means an environmental social movement, and someone who “Goes Green” is defined as an environmentalist. An environmentalist is “a person who may advocate the sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the natural environment through changes in public policy or individual behavior.” Your body’s natural system of healing is your best resource. One way you, the body and soul environmentalist, can take care of this resource is to reduce stress. No big surprise here. You have the power of Nature within you, literally at your fingertips, to preserve, defend and protect your body’s natural “resources.”

Nature is wholeness. Within this interconnected web of life, the body and our environment are explicitly related and both have renewable and sustainable resources. Some of the original “environmentalists” were advocating maintainable practices as far back as approximately 25,000 BCE. These early humans may also have been the first “deep ecologists” who believed in living life in accordance with Nature. The rhythms and movements of the Sun, Moon, equinoxes, four seasons, four elements, days, hours and nights intimately affected them. Archeological specimens in the form of pottery, statues, cave paintings and rock carvings have been found all over the world, where humans homesteaded as well as from their patterns of traveling for the best grazing and other clues to their daily human activities. Our human ancestors considered the life giving cycles of Nature sacred.

One of the most remarkable findings of a human being aligning her body with Nature is a carving at the entrance to a cave in Laussel, France of a woman with one hand on her abdomen, while holding an animal horn with 13 notches etched into it in her other hand, explaining her body’s relationship to the 13 moons of an annual lunar cycle, the natural world. This carving is dated to approximately 25,000 BCE!

Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “Theoretically, if you were totally aligned with the cosmos, if you were in total harmony with its rhythms, and if you had zero stress, then there would be very little entropy in your body. Your body wouldn’t age if you were totally synchronized with the cycles of the universe. If it did undergo entropy, it would be on the scale of the universe, which is cosmic cycles or eons of time.” The word “natural” comes from the word Nature. Nature does not have a mind that gets busy and crazy like we do. Look at the birds. Do they ever look stressed? Even in a snowstorm or on a blustery day, do they act stressed? Nope. Nature is a visible, palpable expression of who you and I are when we get out of our heads and centered in our hearts of unity.

You can influence your natural healing system harmoniously as well as harmfully. Stress is a major harming influence to your well being. For example, scientists have found that your high stress job permanently rewires your brain and literally impedes your ability to make decisions and have a sense of self. When you think of everything as energy albeit some of it “stuck,” then what experts comprehend as permanent really isn’t. There are ways with energy self-help to recover your sense of self and your brain harmony again.

What about your body’s global warming? A simple self help called Healing Touch Quick Steps has been known to cool down the body, say from hot flashes or being in a sauna too long. By placing one hand on your elbow crease and the other hand on your opposite front bottom rib, a body elegantly responds.

Remember, your body’s natural system of healing is your best resource. Be your own “body and soul environmentalist.” Make every day Earth Day with easy energy healing self-help. Knowing how to bring your body-mind into harmony and making it a daily practice is a perfect way to preserve your sustainable, renewable personal natural resources. GO GREEN for your health!

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Energy healing expert Barbara J. Semple is a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner, a teacher of energy self-help, and the author of a number of books for healing the body and soul. healingtouchquicksteps.com