As a coach, one of the main ways that I add value for my clients is assisting them in navigating around, and sometimes through, the barriers that prevent them from getting what it is they truly want. The biggest obstacle that we all face is our own internal fear. Here is a four step process that can help you turn your fear into power!

1. Focus on the outcome

When you focus on something, you are in essence closing yourself off from other inputs. By focusing on the outcome you want to generate, you prevent your mind from being overcome with fear. Often times, we instead focus on our fear, and it consumes us to the point of not being able to move forward and take action.

2. Get in touch with your fear

When you are afraid to take action and move forward with something, get in touch with your fear. Bring it out into the open, and acknowledge it. Write down exactly what you are afraid of. Then, determine what your fear is telling you. Once you better understand exactly what you are afraid of, you can effectively explore your options to move forward.

3. Determine the tools available to you

Now that you have explored your fear in detail, you need to determine what tools you have access to that can help you move forward. Then, you can put together an effective game plan to navigate through your fear. For example, if you are afraid to move forward with a new business venture because your last one failed, you can determine exactly what happened, what tools you have available to you, and then put together a game plan to minimize the chance of your fear becoming reality as you move forward.

4. Make a decision

Now that you understand your fear, have explored the tools available to you, as well as your options, it is time to make a decision. At this point, you have acknowledged your fear, explored it, reviewed your tools and options, and have chosen to focus on the outcome instead of your fear. The last step is to cut yourself off from anything but the outcome that you are absolutely committed to! As you move forward and achieve your objective, this builds your confidence and ability to overcome your fears in the future!

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Tom Kelly is a Profession Business Coach that specializes in working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople. He can be reached at (773) 907-0921, or at .

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