In my past relationships I was often so frustrated with my partner she never seemed to want to do things the way I wanted to do them, she always wanted things to go her way - have you ever experienced that?

Oh my, the pain, the anguish; in the end I gave up and just did it all her way, well no doubt I had the odd moment of doing it my way. What of course I now so understand and blatantly did not understand then was that both of us were operating unconsciously. Now, I here you say, what does that mean? Well one of the most simple ways to put it is, we were both like horses with blinkers on. We were seeing only a portion of what life has to offer and arguing that the way we individually saw things was the right way and in many cases we believed ‘the only way’.

All that happened to me, my epiphany moment, was I metaphorically took my blinkers off and became AWARE for the first time of the endless possibilities our lives offer us; instead of my believing my own narrow blinkered view being the only way to see things.

This awareness is tantamount to raising your level of consciousness and when you do that you see things with a totally new perspective and get a different experience, as do other from you, it's actually like magic. I can now look back and see everything as clear as if I had had cataracts removed from my eyes.

So how can we all experience a greater level of consciousness in our relationships? Well a great place to start is to become aware of what you do and say, the way you do and say it and the effect it has on others. See with open eyes how what you do affects others, do other people consistently move towards you? Do they want to share time with you and be loving to you? If not, the most likely reason is because you are not acting that way yourself. If you are really open to this it will start to raise your awareness and the more conscious you are of your patterns of language and behaviour the more you will see how this will have a direct affect on the experience you are having.

Have fun becoming aware, and remember, the more love you feel and the more love you share and give to others the more your own cup will overflow.

Sharing Love

Tony Vee

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