Friendships can prolong and enhance our quality of life; for more reasons than you think. For one, studies show that the bond between humans can be effective medicine to help heal a broken heart – literally. Researchers discovered that recovery from heart surgery is improved when social support networks are strong and utilized. Some experts proclaim that in addition to high cholesterol and high blood pressure, not having friends should actually be considered a risk factor for heart attacks among cardiac patients. Friendship has also been linked to reduced stress levels, better immune function and fewer disabilities associated with advanced age.

We know that recovery from substance abuse and addiction fails miserably without community as well. Patients that participate in support groups for weight loss, chemical dependency and eating disorders at the Pennington Institute form lasting friendships that they report have provided them with the encouragement to finally break free from addictive behaviors and depression.

There are a number of questions that come to the mind of the holistic health professional that must be addressed. How is it that friendships can so profoundly influence physical health and emotional wellbeing? Do we have to spend time with friends in person or are telephone conversations enough to enjoy the health benefits? Have we been hard-wired to favorably respond to social interaction just as we thrive in climates with adequate sunshine and clean air? Many of the answers come from clinical studies from around the world.

Chemical and hormonal influences
We know that the isolation of infants leads to depression, learning disabilities and stunted growth. Scientists believe that humans respond to touch and social interaction with a release of a variety of hormones and brain chemicals that promote health. A recent UCLA study purports that in addition to cortisol, women release oxytocin in response to stress. Besides stimulating labor in pregnant females, oxytocin is also believed to be the hormone that causes us to ‘tend and befriend’, resulting in a sense of calm. This suggests that when we re-hash a fight with our boyfriend with a close friend, our sense of wellbeing comes not only from the act of venting but from the chemicals we release as a result of the human interaction.

Friendships clearly help to lower our perception and experience of stress. Communicating with a friend about problems within a marriage or work relationship is critical to most people who work to maintain close friendships for decades despite distance. The stress reducing benefits are well worth the effort experts say. Friends can often offer perspective that we lack when we’re fuming with rage and frustration. The insight gained from a friendly discourse can decrease our experience of stress which in turn reduces the surge of stress hormones released which has far reaching impact on our health. Decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, for instance, are associated with better immune function which is critical to keeping infections at bay. When cortisol levels are constantly high, we have an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and it accelerates the aging process.

Emotional Influences – Even at a Distance
Friendships allow us to feel wanted, appreciated and supported. These qualities help to ease symptoms of depression and provide hope. Understanding that recovery from illness or surgery requires a strong will explains how feeling the support and desire for more life adventures with close friends will stimulate a patient to strive for a speedy and complete recovery. Those friends need not be in the same room or even the same state for the health benefits to be realized. Just knowing that you have a close confidante with whom you can communicate is beneficial and provides emotional and physical benefits.

One report finds that the mere existence of social relationships has a linear relation to quality of life. Also, results of the MONICA Project (Monitoring of trends and determinants of cardiovascular diseases) found that social relationships induced lower mortality rates independent of stress and social strains. Of note: the type of support given is also not as important as just being on the ‘friend list’ since the actual resources that friends provide only offer stress-buffering effects.

To Give Is Better Than To Receive
But don’t neglect to offer support to friends in need. Though we enjoy the boost in health and emotional stability from friends lending us support, a 5-year study of older married adults from the Institute for Social Research found that death from illness was significantly reduced for people who reported providing emotional support to friends, relatives, neighbors and spouses. So, when friends call, answer! You may prolong your life. This concept goes along with research from psychologists who demonstrated that performing random acts of kindness resulted in increased life satisfaction and lower levels of depression. Some say that the mental health benefits are mediated via the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin. By looking at the breakdown products of serotonin in urine samples of study participants, researchers discovered that people who performed and witnessed random acts of kindness had higher levels of serotonin.

In summary, the data and our own clinical intuition suggest that we should highly recommend and foster the ability to maintain existing and create new friendships to prevent health complications and improve quality of life.

We invite you to refer your recovering patients to our website for details on a study we are conducting to determine whether ‘cyber friendships’ can affect health and emotional status and prevent relapse. Or you may email Dr. Pennington at

Author's Bio: 

Andrea Pennington, M.D., C.Ac.
Dr. Andrea Pennington is a respected Integrative Medicine physician, acupuncturist and author. She is the President of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals and Pennington Empowerment Media. Dr. Andrea is also a certified Age Management Physician affiliate of the Cenegenics Medical Institute. Her treatment style is unique and blends traditional medicine with acupuncture, fitness instruction, nutritional consultation, spiritual direction and empowerment coaching.

Dr. Andrea has a passion for total wellness which inspires all with whom she comes into contact. Featured twice on the Oprah Winfrey Show she is recognized as a medical and wellness expert who teaches how to live with increased vitality and purpose. Dr. Andrea also considers her music to be as vital as her medical practice in helping to heal and transform people.

Dr. Andrea, also a respected and sought-after TV personality, served as the Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Health Online and has been seen on CNN, Fox News, the Today Show, the Early Show – CBS, and many more national television programs.

Dr. Pennington’s first book, The Pennington Plan, is based on a 5-step motivational plan for achieving optimal health and vitality. It has helped thousands of people embrace better overall health and lose weight.

Dr. Andrea received her doctor of medicine from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, where she graduated with honors. She trained in Pediatrics at Georgetown University Hospital, Age Management Medicine at the Cenegenics Medical Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada and received acupuncture instruction from the Helms Medical Institute at UCLA and the Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, New York. Dr. Andrea also completed the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program with Dr. Martin Seligman.

Fluent in French and Spanish, Dr. Andrea is accessible to people of all walks of life, all ethnicities and educational levels. Dr. Andrea regularly partners with non-profit and charitable organizations to spread the message of health empowerment as part of her commitment to sharing her resources with the community.

For her significant contributions to the community and as a testament to her tireless devotion to today’s youth, Dr. Andrea was recognized as a local hero in Washington, DC by Heroes for Hope. A documentary film was made about her and presented as part of the Young Filmmakers Program.

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